Yarra Valley Water has a classification system for trade waste customers. The classification determines the trade waste agreement type and also the pricing structure applicable to each trade waste customer.

The categories are described broadly in the table below:



Typical types of businesses

Form of agreement

Fees and charges

Category A

Discharge volume greater than 1000 kilolitres/year

Industrial factories and large commercial businesses (eg. chemical processing, food manufacturing, large shopping centre)

Trade Waste Agreement

Variable charges dependent on quality and quantity of discharge

Category B

Discharge volume less than 1000 kilolitres/year

Commercial businesses (eg. restaurant, takeaway, car wash, laundromat)

Trade Waste Consent

Fixed annual charge and/or an application fee

Category C

Very minor discharge volumes

Small commercial businesses (eg. home caterer, florist, pharmacy)*


Generic Trade Waste Consent

No fees

*To see a list of the types of businesses applicable to Category C click here  

Note that the table above is a rough guide only, and each trade waste customer is assessed individually in order to be assigned into the appropriate category dependant not only on the discharge volume but also the business activities and the type of wastewater produced.

Yarra Valley Water has the right to reassess any trade waste customer’s classification due to the customer’s changed circumstances or new information coming to our attention, or a change to Yarra Valley Water’s policies and procedures.