Trade waste is all liquid waste, including clean wash water, used during business activities being discharged into the sewer system. It is more contaminated that normal domestic sewerage and therefore needs to be managed correctly.

It is generally waste water from commercial and industrial operations, containing substances such as, but not limited to chemicals, metals, detergents, grease, oil, food scraps and other contaminants.

The wastewater you create as a business can cause blockages, bursts and overflows in your business property, as well as the community. Blockages in your business can result in smelly overflows and backlog which may cause temporary closure of your business or loss of customers.

Correctly managing trade waste also helps us to protect the safety of our staff entering the sewer for maintenance, the operations of the treatment plants, as well as the local community and environment.

In this section, find out about Trade Waste Agreements, how to get one, how much it costs and advice on why and how to manage waste in your business.

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