We offer a variety of educational programs and resources for all schools in our district.

Our programs are tailored to both primary and secondary levels and include educational materials for use by teachers and students, free school visits, tours and National Water Week events and competitions.

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    Choose Tap Education

    As part of the Choose Tap Education program, schools are able to get involved in different activities that will engage students and staff in learning about the benefits of drinking tap water.

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    Resources for schools

    Yarra Valley Water offers a range of different resources to schools in our district. We can assist you to successfully and easily implement water education into your curriculum with resources to borrow and resources to download and keep!

    Teacher resources for schools
    Information for primary students
    Information for secondary students

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    School presentations and tours

    Organise a free classroom presentation or book a tour to learn more about Melbourne's water supply and sewerage treatment processes. Our free classroom incursions/presentations are only available to schools within the Yarra Valley Water district with a limit of three presentations per school, per year.

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    Water. Learn it. Live it.

    Water. Learn it. Live it, or Water- lili, is a water education resource for teachers of Prep to Year 10. The initiative helps schools implement water education across the curriculum and aims to inspire positive change in students' knowledge, attitude and behaviour towards water.

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    National Water Week

    The third week in October is designed as 'National Water Week' each year. Need ideas on what to do during National Water Week or to view previous winners of our poster and short film competitions?

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    Schools Water Efficiency Program (SWEP)

    The Schools Water Efficiency Program (SWEP) enables schools to track their water usage using data logger technology. By thoroughly monitoring water usage, schools can detect and rectify leaks, saving water and money.

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