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How is the Waterways & Drainage calculated?

The Waterways and Drainage charge has moved away from a property value based charge for residential customers, to a flat fee that applies to all occupancies equally. 

Charges for rural properties also apply to reflect the different levels of service these properties receive.

Most non residential properties remain on a charge based on the net annual value of the property, subject to a minimum.

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Does Yarra Valley Water charge a connection or disconnection fee?

No. Only to the sewerage backlog program in some areas within Yarra Valley Water such as Park Orchards, Mernda, Woori Yallock, Donvale and Montrose

What is step pricing?

Yarra Valley Water uses a 'three tier step tariff' to charge for water use. This system is designed to encourage customers to become more water efficient.

The word 'step' does not relate to your property size, it relates to how many litres of water your home uses per day and the applicable price charged. 

2013/14 Usage charges

Step 1

0 - 440 litres of water per day

$2.5970 per kilolitre

Step 2

441 - 880 litres of water per day

$3.0469 per kilolitre 

Step 3

881+ litres of water per day

$4.5017 per kilolitre

Recycled water

All usage

$2.2074 per kilolitre

What are all these charges on my bill?

Yarra Valley Water charges you for water and sewerage services and for your household's usage. For more information click through to our pricing page

Your money goes to:

  • Paying for the Victorian Desalination Plant
  • Ensuring high quality water
  • Transporting water to your home
  • Efficiently removing waste water from your home via the sewerage system
  • Cleaning the waste water removed from your property to protect public health and safety.
  • Returning cleaned water back to the water cycle and looking after the environment.

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My account shows I have paid twice, how do I get a refund?

Please call us on 1300 304 688 and we will arrange a refund for you.

How do I update my postal address / contact details?

You can update details such as postal address and contact details via email, over the phone 1300 304 688 , via fax or mail. To see a list of our contact details click here.

What should I do if I have no water?

The repair crew working on the fault generally carry bottled water but even if those supplies are exhausted, we will ensure any customer who asks has access to water. If the water outage is expected to go for a longer period of time, an alternative water supply will be set up.

If you call the contact centre on 1300 304 688 they will be able to tell you where the crew and alternative water supply is.

I have an old water meter, why has it not been replaced?

Yarra Valley Water manages an annual customer meter testing and replacement program. Each year, certain meter populations (i.e. meters of the same make, model and year of manufacture) undergo accuracy testing to help us to ensure that our fleet of meters are measuring water as accurately and fairly as possible.


Based on the results of the accuracy testing, certain meter populations will be identified for replacement while other types of meters may demonstrate that their accuracy still lies within the required tolerance range. As such, we don’t necessarily replace the ‘old’ meters because an old meter doesn’t necessarily mean it’s an inaccurate meter.


Instead, we replace those meter populations which no longer satisfy the accuracy requirements outlined in Australian Standards.  

What is the cost of recycled water?

For recycled water, service and usage charges apply, similar to drinking water. Class A recycled water will be separately metered and charged at 85% of the first and lowest block of potable (drinking) water. Your Class A recycled water consumption and service charge will appear separately on your account.

Do Permanent Water Use Rules apply to Class A recycled water?

No. recycled water (and grey water) can be used freely under Permanent Water Use Rules However, while Class A recycled water is free from Permanent Water Use Rules, it is still a valuable resource and should be used wisely.


Showing 31 - 40 of 122 results