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On Stage 1 restrictions, can I fill my pool?

Depending on the size of your pool, and if it is new or existing, will determine how you may fill your pool.

If you have a baby-sized pool or very small spa (500 litres or less) - YES - you may fill it via a trigger nozzle hose. 
If you have a play pool or small spa (2000 litres or less) - YES - you may fill it with drinking water. 

If you have a new or existing spa of more than 2000 litres (the most common size)  - YES, but contact us first.  You may fill it with drinking water only after we have received and approved your Water Conservation Plan

Water Conservation Plans typically detail how you will make savings in other areas of your home to offset the water used in filling the pool.

What should I do before I buy a house on a trunk service?

The existence of a trunk service should be included in the Section 32.

If a trunk service exists it is recommended that the buyer is aware of:

  • any current and future maintenance responsibilities
  • that the service is only a temporary means of water supply to the property
  • which other properties may be connected to the trunks service

Yarra Valley water recommends a buyer contact any neighbours who are connected to the temporary trunk service and discuss any existing process for the maintenance or repair of the trunk service.

It should include:

  • A process for dealing with an emergency situation, so any problems can be fixed even if neighbours are not immediately contactable.
  • An ongoing maintenance plan such as regular inspection and cleaning
  • A preferred list of plumbers to carry out works
  • Authorisation for property owners to spend a certain amount to carry out emergency repair works without consultation
  • An acknowledgement form property owners that they are obliged to provide access for the maintenance or repair of the drain if required
  • An agreed cost sharing arrangement (YVW has no legal powers to determine a cost sharing arrangement on behalf of property owners sharing a trunk service).

Will the reinstated pavement match my current pavement?

Just after reinstatement the new concrete can look different to the rest of the footpath or pavement. 

New concrete can be much brighter in the beginning. However, over time the new concrete will fade and in a year it should be pretty similar to the existing pavement.

We always aim to match to the original pavement type and colour.

What rebates are currently available?

A wide range of rebates are currently available including the recently increased rebates for large tanks and upgrading to dual flush toilets.  Rebates are also available for garden products and greywater systems which assist households to reuse waste water.

See here for more information on rebates and eligible products.

Can I use Class A recycled water on plants?

Can I use Class A recycled water on plants?
Yes. Class A recycled water has a higher salt content than drinking water, but less than bore or river water. It also contains more nitrogen and phosphorus, which are ingredients used in fertilisers.  Some plants can be impacted by these higher levels - particularly at the seedling stage.  Check with your local nursury for more information. 

When and how do I connect to the Class A recycled water system?

All nominated Class A recycled water areas involve new ‘greenfield’ developments. That means a land developer has taken a parcel of previously undeveloped land (which may have been an old paddock, farm, school, golf course etc.) and is responsible for installing the necessary infrastructure such as roads, power, water, sewer, communications and gas.

As part of these works, Yarra Valley Water requires that the developer install an additional pipe in the ground which delivers the Class A recycled water to your house.

Once the land developer has finished their works and the land is ready for houses to be constructed, your plumber will apply to Yarra Valley Water to connect to the Class A recycled water supply (as well as to the drinking water supply and sewerage network).

The recycled water plumbing will be inspected and approved by the Plumbing Industry Commission to ensure all relevant standards have been followed, enabling you to safely move into your new house.

If you do not live/ are building in a recycled water area, such as Epping North, Craigieburn West, Beverage and South Wallan, Croydon and Chirnside Park then we are unable to provide recycled water to your home.  

I have tenants moving into my property, how can I get an account setup for them?

If you own a separately metered property you are responsible for payment of the water and sewerage service charges and the waterways and drainage and parks charges.The tenant is responsible for the water usage and sewage disposal charges. It is the responsibility of the owner to advise Yarra Valley Water when their tenants move into the property, so we can set up their account. We require 48 hours (2 business days) notice to allow for the water meter to be read.

I have a tenant living in my property, why I am still getting a Yarra Valley Water account?

As an owner of a residential property you are responsible for all of the service charges. These charges include water and sewerage service charges, waterways and drainage charges and the annual parks charge. If your property has a separate water meter, the tenants will be responsible for the water usage and sewer disposal charges only. It is the responsibility of the owner to advise Yarra Valley Water when their tenants move into the property, so we can set up their account. We require 48 hours ( 2 business days) notice to allow for the water meter to be read.

My account shows that my meter reading was estimated, how can I give Yarra Valley Water the correct reading?

You can check your meter reading and compare it to the estimated reading shown on the back of your account. If the reading is considerably different to the estimated reading, you will need to contact Yarra Valley Water. You can do this by phone, email, facsimile or mail. Please ensure you provide the meter reading you took and the date it was taken on.

Can I use Class A recycled water in my washing machine?

Yes, from 1 July 2010 Yarra Valley Water and EPA Victoria allow Class A recycled water to be used in washing machines. 

If you are currently building your home in a recycled water area, you may install a recycled water tap into the laundry for clothes washing.  This generally results in a third 'purple tap' being installed alongside the hot and cold water washing machine taps.  To prevent accidental misuse, recycled water is not plumbed to any laundry sink taps. 

Showing 31 - 40 of 105 results