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Choose Tap this summer

Yarra Valley Water is reminding the community to keep cool this summer and ‘Choose Tap’.

Since the Choose Tap program began the community has been filling up on tap water from 195 Choose Tap Water Refill Stations – with 100,000 refillable Choose Tap water bottles in use in the community.

David Snadden, Yarra Valley Water General Manager Strategy and Communications, said the start of summer is the ideal time to enjoy the quality water on tap for free in Melbourne and kick the habit of buying expensive bottled water that only adds to landfill.

“Our figures since the Choose Tap program started show that 1.8million people have refilled their bottles at the portable units we use at various events. This goes to show that given the choice between expensive bottled water and free and accessible drinking water it’s a no brainer. Melbourne is lucky enough to have access to some of the best drinking water in the world, so why pay more when you have access to quality drinking water for free.

“Our Choose Tap Water Refill Stations make the choice to drink tap water even easier and with the free Choose Tap app listing 8,400 water taps for refilling across greater Melbourne. You can top up your bottles or grab a drink water just about anywhere when you’re out and about” said Mr Snadden.

The water refill stations are part of the ‘Choose Tap’ program, encouraging the community to drink tap water to assist with a healthy lifestyle, and as a cheaper and environmentally friendly alternative to expensive bottled water and other plastic packaged drinks.

The Choose Tap Water Refill stations can be found at recreational spaces such as ovals and walking trails, shopping precincts, hospitals, universities and TAFES, providing the community with a free, convenient and environmentally friendly way to stay healthy and hydrated.

Customers can find their nearest Choose Tap Water Refill station by downloading Yarra Valley Water’s free ‘Choose Tap’ android and smartphone app or by visiting the Choose Tap website.

Download the 'Choose Tap in summer' media release