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Customers' feedback sought on services and pricing

Yarra Valley Water is currently seeking customer feedback to shape future services and prices from 2018 to 2023.

Every five years the Essential Services Commission (ESC) conducts a Water Price Review with all Victorian water businesses. Yarra Valley Water’s submission to the ESC will establish the services and outcomes that our customers want.

David Snadden, General Manager Strategy and Communication said: “We want to hear our customers’ feedback and thoughts on our services, priorities and prices.

“In the past 12 months, we have been engaging with our customers and have used over 28,000 inputs which have been collected using a range of research methods. There will be further opportunities over the coming months for customers to get involved and have their say on the water and sanitation services they receive from us.

“So far our customer engagement has focussed on identifying what customers value most. This customer feedback has helped established our proposed service standards.  The next stage is to validate that our planning is appropriate and reflects what we heard from customers.

“Head over to our online forum (www.yvw.com.au/futureprices) to see the feedback received to date, join the conversation and have your say, or ask questions about what matters to you. You can also register your interest to be kept up to date on our price submission proposal or to participate in upcoming research groups,” added Mr Snadden.

About the process

Water businesses in Victoria are required to make a price submission which sets out their proposed prices and service standards by 27 September 2017.  The ESC will assess the pricing submissions, guided by the requirements and principles set out in a ministerial order and the legislation.

The pricing power and functions of the ESC in Victoria's water industry are governed by the Water Industry Regulatory Order 2014, which sits within the broader context of the Water Industry Act 1994 and the Essential Services Commission Act 2001. Yarra Valley Water’s submission to the ESC will communicate the services that our customers want at the price they determine is fair.

At the end of the price review the Essential Service Commission makes a price determination, which specifies the maximum prices each water business can charge over the next period.

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