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Support available to ease financial stress

As well as piling on the kilos, a hefty credit card bill or depleted finances is another Christmas hangover many of us face.

3 January 2017

Unfortunately bills can continue to stack up over the festive period, and beginning the New Year in debt under financial pressure is not the best way to start off 2017, but support is available.   

Ciara Sterling, Manager of the WaterCare team at Yarra Valley Water said if you want to spread the impact of bills there are always options available.

“We work with our customers so that they can set payments which are manageable. Payment plans can be made to help spread the costs of your bill. Whether that is an extension of a couple of weeks until the next pay day, or switching to making smaller, more regular payments across the year through our SmoothPay program there are options available,” said Ms Sterling. 

“It doesn’t take much for people to feel financially stretched, particularly at this time of year. We don’t want our customers to get into debt to pay their bill, as it can easily escalate to an unmanageable level. We offer a range of payment plans to help give customers flexibility and control over bill payments. Most utilities and large businesses in banking and other industries have programs to support customers. If our customers talk to us and tell us that they are having difficulty paying their bill, whether it is for a day, a week, month or more long term then we can provide assistance,” added Ms Sterling.

To make accessing support easier customers can:

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