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Underground recycled water facility project moves to next phase

Doncaster Hill residents are set to benefit from plans to build an underground recycled water facility underground at Tram Road Reserve in Doncaster, after a feasibility study confirmed the site’s suitability.

The Yarra Valley Water facility will provide Class A recycled water for gardening, flushing toilets and washing cars for up to 5000 households in the Doncaster Hill precinct once construction finishes. The plant will also make drought-proof water available for use at local sports grounds and parks.

Yarra Valley Water Managing Director, Pat McCafferty said that he is pleased the facility can be built underground, and that Yarra Valley Water will carefully manage construction impacts.

“Once built, this facility will save 2.5 million litres of precious drinking water every week which is so important as our climate becomes hotter and drier and our population grows”.

“Building it underground means that there will be almost no impact on residents when it is operating. We will also make every effort to ensure the construction phase runs smoothly with minimal disruption for the local community,” Mr McCafferty said.

Additional findings are that the project would have no major environmental impacts on the location, the ground conditions are suitable for construction, and the facility would not be at risk from flooding from the creek.

The plant will use modern technology that treats any odours and keeps them well below the limits set by EPA Victoria.

Locals can now contribute to the design of the plant and the look and feel of Tram Road Reserve via a number of options that do not require face-to-face contact in the current coronavirus (COVID-19) situation.

Mr McCafferty said that the opportunity to have the community’s input opened the door to improving the amenity of the park.

“We are seeking feedback from park users on how they use the area and suggestions for improvements. This will help us with the design of the facility in the parkland setting,” Mr McCafferty said.

To have your say or for more information, please visit yvw.com.au/doncasterhill


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