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Community engagement

The views of our customers and the community are vital to help us shape the decisions we make.  

Our goal with all of our projects and initiatives is to create solutions of mutual value that work for us, our customers and the community we service.

We seek their input early in our decision-making processes to:

  • provide information and discuss projects or initiatives which may affect them or their area
  • listen to their views and feedback
  • work with us to design solutions together. 

We do this in several ways.

Umbrella advisory committees

These committees provide valuable advice and input on a range of strategic issues.

Community Advisory Group

Since 1995, our Community Advisory Group has provided valuable input to Yarra Valley Water on a range of customer issues.

The committee is made up of a diverse group of residential customers and representatives from community organisations. They provide valuable advice and input on a range of strategic issues and are convened when required. 

Our Managing Director attends all committee meetings, and afterwards the minutes are referred to Yarra Valley Water’s directors.

Community panels

With more complex initiatives such as constructing new infrastructure, or policy or program development, to ensure we fully understand the all the potential impacts for our customers and the community we may also form specific community panels. We work together on solutions with local residents, Yarra Valley Water staff and representatives from local government or government authorities.

Market research

We regularly conduct market research to find out the views of our customers on the services we provide, and about how we respond to customers when we’re called upon. This research assists us to continually improve our services and the way we communicate to our customers.