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You can organise an excursion for your class to learn more about Melbourne’s water supply and sewage treatment processes.

The following tours are suitable for primary and secondary aged children, please see the details of the excursions and tours available below.

Excursions with Eco-Adventure Tours

Winneke Water Treatment Plant Tour

Learn how Melbourne's water supply is managed. Tours through the treatment plant are available for Yr 3 level and above. This Melbourne Water venue is in Sugarloaf Reservoir Park, Christmas Hills, and offers opportunities for primary and secondary students to:

  • learn how muddy Yarra River water is turned into drinkable, clear water for Melbourne’s thirsty suburbs 
  • learn about treatment processes such as filtration, sedimentation, coagulation, disinfection 
  • investigate a nature trail area to support ecology, environmental and nature study programs.

Upper Yarra Sewerage Treatment Plant Tour

Find out what happens when you flush. A tour through the plant with Eco-Adventure Tours shows students how their waste is treated, cleaned and then used to create wetlands for a variety of wildlife in the area. Can be tailored to Year 3 level and above.

Reservoir Park Catchment Discovery Tour

Visit sites around the Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges to study water catchment and forest management. Popular venues include Badger Weir (Yarra Ranges National Park), Sugarloaf, Maroondah, Healesville, Silvan, Yan Yean and Cardinia Reservoir Parks, and Toolangi State Forest. Prices vary depending upon venue and duration. Please contact Eco Adventure Tours to discuss your needs.

Water Quality and Water Bug Tours

Water Quality and Water Bug sessions are available at Cardinia and Maroondah Reservoir Parks. Students will help to test basic water parameters such as temperature, turbidity, pH and nutrient levels, using Waterwatch guidelines. They will also be able to collect and identify water bugs in the water to help determine the health of the waterway.

Woori Yallock Farm School

Sustainability, Aboriginal land use, biodiversity and water bug activities are also offered as full day excursions at Woori Yallock Farm School, these can also be booked through Eco Adventure Tours.


To book a tour or for more information visit or contact Karen Garth at Eco-Adventure Tours on (03) 5962 5115.