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Incursions and presentations

Organise a free classroom incursion or presentation to learn about Melbourne's water supply and sewage treatment processes.

Aimed at primary aged students from Prep to Year 6, our classroom presentations allow students to learn about a range of water related topics.

They can be used to introduce water as a topic or to consolidate previous learning. The free school incursions can be tailored to your needs, with presentations for different age groups and water topics.

Presentations are only available to schools within the Yarra Valley Water district with a limit of three presentations per school, per year.

Primary - Choose Tap: Better for your health & the environment (45 minutes)

This interactive and engaging activity will get students up and moving as they learn about the effects of dehydration on their bodies, as well as the environmental benefits to choosing tap water over bottled beverages. Check out the clip.

Prep to Grade 3 - The Big Book About Water (45 minutes)

The ‘Big Book About Water’ presentation covers the water cycle, water supply, sewerage system and water conservation. The bright and colourful drawings and the sheer size of the book will keep younger students engaged, as well as providing the opportunity to explore the toolbox of water saving items.

Grades 4-6 - All About Water (45 minutes)

Covering the water cycle, water supply, sewerage system and water use and efficiency, this presentation will get students thinking about the value of water to not only their lives, but for all living things. 

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