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Teaching materials

You can easily implement water education into your curriculum with resources to borrow, and resources to download and keep.

Resources to borrow

Lending Library

Our Lending Library contains over 140 books, DVDs, interactive CDs and brochures on everything and anything water related. The Lending Library can be borrowed at no cost for up to three weeks. Browse through the resources. To book the Lending Library, email [email protected]

Lending library catalogue

Fountains and Drains Game

Our life-sized Fountains and Drains game, similar to snakes & ladders, is a hit with students, and is useful for events or as a fun classroom activity. The 6x6 metre game can be borrowed for up to a week. To book the Fountains and Drains game, email [email protected] or download and print your own version.

Fountains & Drains Game

Secondary DVDs

These documentary-style DVD's help educate students about real-life water-related issues faced around the world. They can be borrowed at no cost for up to three weeks. Browse through the resources. To book the Secondary DVD's, email [email protected]

Secondary DVD catalogue

Water Molecule Kits

Borrow our set of Water Molecule Kits to help your students understand the chemistry behind water molecules. The 3D magnetic molecules allow students to explore polarity, surface tension, capillary action, molecular bonding, states of matter and ice structures. To borrow the Water Molecule Kits email [email protected].

Water Cycle Jumbo Jigsaws 

These 2m x 2.3m jigsaws will help educate your students about the Natural Water Cycle, Melbourne's Urban Water Cycle and hydration in the body. To borrow the jigsaws email [email protected].

Please note schools will need to cover the cost of any lost or damaged lending items.

Resources to keep

The Big Book About Water

An engaging tool for students, you can choose either a class pack, or teachers' pack. The Big Book packs are only available to schools in the Yarra Valley Water service area.

  • The Big Book class pack contains two A3 size copies of the Big Book About Water, 25 A4 sized copies, plus a singalong CD that will have your students singing through the natural water cycle, water supply, sewerage system and water conservation.
  • The Big Book teacher pack contains two A3 sized copies of the Big Book About Water and a singalong CD.

To order, email [email protected] with your contact name and telephone number, your school name and address and let us know if you would like the class pack or teachers' pack. Alternatively, you can download a PDF version of the Big Book About Water to print off and use straight away.

Big Book About Water

Secondary Resources

The webquests below encourage students to use higher order thinking skills to solve real life problems. Students will complete research using resources found on the internet to solve water-related issues that are faced by our society today.

The activities will help you deliver lessons that meet the requirements for descriptors in the Victorian Curriculum for Science and Geography at years 7 to 10.

Download the Secondary Webquests

Yr 7 Webquest - Water as a resource

This webquest is about understanding the variability in water supply systems and nature of water scarcity in different cities across Australia and comparing them to systems in other countries around the world.

Yr 9 Webquest - World Water Crisis

This webquest is about understanding the impact of changing environmental, geographical and social criteria on the availability of fresh water for food production in communities around the world.

Yr 10 Webquest - Urban Water Project Planning

This webquest is about understanding the impact of changing environmental, geographical and social criteria in implementing environmental management strategies in the context of urban water management.

Water. Learn it. Live it.

A suite of educational resources for teachers of Prep to Year 10 that helps schools implement water education in the curriculum and aims to inspire positive change in students' knowledge, attitude and behaviour toward water.

The water curriculum resource provides three volumes of water information and activities to use with primary and secondary students. Water is explored through Science, English, Geography, Mathematics, Communications, Music and Art with activities to suit all learning levels.

Download the Water-lili education resources

Volume 1: Water in the Natural Environment

An investigation into water in its natural state. Four sections make up Volume 1: Properties of Water, Natural Water Cycle, Bodies of Water and Weather. 

Volume 2: Water in the Urban Environment

An investigation into the journey of water through the urban water cycle. Four sections make up Volume 2: Collecting Water, The Water Journey, Water Coming and Going and Water Industry.

Volume 3: Water in the Community

An investigation into the way we use, consume and value water. Five sections make up Volume 3: Understanding Water Use, How we Use Water, Water Meanings, Water Supply and Efficient Water Use and Water for Health and Wellbeing.