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Choose Tap Fountains Program 2021-22

Free Choose Tap fountains are available to eligible councils, universities and public transport providers, provided by Yarra Valley Water.

These fountains are gifted to the community, with the aim to provide greater access to drinking water and reduce reliance on single use plastic bottles.

There are a limited number of fountains yet to be allocated to the Yarra Valley Water service area for 2021-22.

We are seeking expressions of interest from councils and other organisations.

The fountains are gifted free of charge.

Installation costs and maintenance fees are to be covered by the receiving organisation.

In order to find out more and submit your application, please use the links provided below.

Please note, applications with plumbing quotes and written permission from council (if applicable) will be prioritised over those without.

Apply for a Choose Tap fountain

View information about Community O Fountain Engagement Program

Choose Tap MeetPAT fountain features:

  • Sensor ‘no touch’ buttons
  • Anti-bacterial nozzles
  • One-hand bottle refill station
  • Bubbler function for when you’re on the go
  • Smart water flow meter for remote monitoring.
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Optional dog bowl
  • 1900mm height (760mm bubbler arm height)
  • Branded with Choose Tap (see image below)


person filling bottle at fountain

water fountain