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District Metering Areas (DMA) Installation Program

Program details

The District Metering Areas (DMA) Installation program will improve Yarra Valley Water’s metering ability by assisting in the detection of non-revenue water within your service area. We are installing approximately 400 new water meters across the network over the coming years. 

Program aims

We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality water service and fulfilling our customer promise (G5) to ‘conserve water now, so it’s available in the future’ by reducing non-revenue water by 40% over the next decades.

Construction details

The installation sites are located throughout our entire network. Each site consisting of installation of either a flowmeter and/or a pressure sensor. Typically the works take up to 3 days to complete.  You might also see Yarra Valley Water and our contractors visiting the site throughout the year to test the instrumentation.  

Further investigations

The information gathered by the instrumentation is sent back to Yarra Valley Water from a transmitter via a small radio signal. The transmitter is solar powered and will be placed inside a small plastic pillar and installed on public land such as a nature strip.

Contact us

If you have any questions or feedback about these projects, please contact the project manager, Nathan Pitkin, on 9872 1188.