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Park Orchards Sewerage Project

The Park Orchards Sewerage Trial Project is complete, however we have a continuing program of sewerage services and improvements for Park Orchards residents.

Read our recent newsletter update for property owners in the Park Orchards Sewerage Trial Project area. A summary of some of the key articles is below.

View Newsletter (PDF, 800KB)

A new sewer in design

A new sewer pipe will be built to service properties in the Park Orchards Trial Project area that aren’t able to contain their wastewater onsite. 

Currently in design, the project will take approximately two years to complete. The map below shows the location of the new sewer pipes.

Map showing Park Orchards Community Sewerage area

Map of Park Orchards Community Sewerage area

A sewerage service for the greater Park Orchards Community Sewerage Area remains on the program and we’ll be in touch with this community once design commences in the future.

Maintenance period has been extended

We have extended the period for maintaining and servicing onsite sewerage systems in the trial area until further notice.

Customers can now contact us directly on 13 27 62 in the event of a fault or to arrange maintenance.

Our delivery partner, Septic Systems Australia (SSA) will continue to maintain your system.

Project Manager 

For information on the sewer being constructed for the trial, contact Michelle Lowry by phone 9872 1483 or email [email protected] . 

For information about the rest of Park Orchards and Ringwood North, which will be serviced in 2026/2027, contact the Community Sewerage Programs team on 9872 2551 or [email protected]

  • Wet and boggy yards?  - October 2020

    It’s been a wet year.  

    2020 has seen higher than usual rainfall, especially earlier in the year when things usually have the chance to dry out. In fact, January and April were the wettest on record for weather stations in North Ringwood, and February and March recorded ten-year highs. 

    The result of all this rain is we are hearing from our customers that things are particularly wet underfoot, including in yards that have onsite sewerage systems with irrigation systems.  

    The boggy and wet conditions are to be expected after such exceptionally high levels of rainfall, and it’s the same all over Melbourne. 

    Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to respond to this natural spike in weather variations, except wait for things to dry up. 

    The good news is spring is here and the warmer months should help dry things out so we can all enjoy our yards to their full potential. 

    For those who are interested, technical information and more data about our exceptionally wet year is available. 

    Read a technical explanation here

  • March 2019

    We are currently confirming permit requirements for the section of sewer being constructed to service some properties in the trial area. 

    Our contractor will start preliminary construction activities in March 2019.  Pending approvals, we anticipate construction will commence in April 2019.

    Our environmental monitoring program will also begin in March 2019.  We will monitor: climate, the performance of onsite systems, groundwater, and impacts on local creeks and waterways.  This data will be compared against baseline monitoring that occurred between 2014-2016. 

  • November 2018

  • August 2018

    Recently, Yarra Valley Water sent this factsheet to all residents in the Park Orchards and Ringwood North Community Sewerage Area

    Download factsheet (363KB)


  • March 2018

    There are 100 properties in the trial area surrounding the Park Orchards Primary School and main shops.

    Of the 100 properties:

    • 84 have been classified as able to treat and manage their wastewater on site. We have now completed upgrades of on-site systems on most of these properties as of September 2017. Some irrigation performance improvements and maintenance works will continue to occur over the coming months. Thank you for your patience as these works are occurring.
    • Nine properties have been classified as unable to contain their waste onsite. This includes the shopping precinct and some residential properties in the trial area. We are designing a sewer pipeline to service these properties and expect to commence construction by mid-2018.
    • Four properties have been classified as partly able to contain their wastewater onsite. We are currently developing a new type of onsite system for these properties. They will also require a connection to the sewer pipeline. Installations will commence near the conclusion of the construction of the sewer pipeline.


    In August 2017, residents outside the trial area were provided with a trial project update. Another update will be provided in August 2018.

    We will commence an environmental monitoring program in the trial and broader Park Orchards area in July 2018. Monitoring will continue for approximately 2 years (until July 2019).

    A small sewer extension is planned for the Colman Reserve in Ringwood. This sewer will only provide sewerage services to the reserve and will not impact the outcomes of the trial project.

    Next steps

    Our upcoming actions are to:

    • Finish designing of and construct the sewer, pending relevant approvals.
    • Continue environmental monitoring for two years (until at least July 2019).
    • We will evaluate the trial and determine the best sewerage servicing approach for the 1,200 properties in the Park Orchards and Ringwood North Community Sewerage Area. This may take until the end of 2020.
  • Park Orchards Trial Community Engagement Panel (POTCEP)


    A panel has been operating since 2013 to liaise with relevant customers and community groups regarding the provision of a sewer servicing trial in the Park Orchards and Ringwood North community. The panel provides feedback on communication strategies for the trial project and seeks to obtain feedback from panel members regarding considerations to be addressed.


    A broad range of representation was selected for POTCEP. This includes residents inside the trial area and also those from the broader Park Orchards sewerage project area. 

    Members include:

    • Elizabeth Hanson
    • Robyn McKenzie
    • Andrew Prout
    • Trevor Street
    • Matt Wagenfeld
    • Frank Walker
    • Peter White



    You can view the presentations and minutes from each panel meeting below.


    Terms of Reference

    If you would like further information regarding the panel, please contact Katherine Collette via 9872 1832 or email [email protected].