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Park Orchards Sewerage Project (Stage 2)

We're constructing a sewerage extension to a small area of Park Orchards.

The new sewer pipe will service properties in the Park Orchards Trial Project area that aren’t able to contain their wastewater onsite. 

Melbourne Pipelines is delivering this work for us, and construction will take approximately a year to complete. The map below shows the location of the new sewer pipes.

A sewerage service for the greater Park Orchards Community Sewerage Area remains on the program and is currently scheduled for construction in 2026/2027. We’ll be in touch directly with this community closer to this time.

Information about the completed Park Orchards Sewerage Trial Project.

Map showing Park Orchards Community Sewerage area

Map of Park Orchards Community Sewerage area

Contact Us

For information on the sewer being constructed for the trial, contact Dillon Van Heer by phone 9872 1583 or email [email protected] . 

February 2022

Our team working on the sewer extension is progressing well and customers along the sewer path will soon have the option to flush and let us take care of their wastewater. 

Click on the image below to read our latest update:

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February 2021

Maintenance period has been extended

We have extended the period for maintaining and servicing onsite sewerage systems in the trial area until further notice.

Customers can now contact us directly on 13 27 62 in the event of a fault or to arrange maintenance.

Our delivery partner, Septic Systems Australia (SSA) will continue to maintain your system.

November 2020

Read our newsletter update for property owners in the Park Orchards Sewerage Trial Project area. 

View Newsletter (PDF, 800KB)


Wet and boggy yards?  - October 2020

It’s been a wet year.  

2020 has seen higher than usual rainfall, especially earlier in the year when things usually have the chance to dry out. In fact, January and April were the wettest on record for weather stations in North Ringwood, and February and March recorded ten-year highs. 

The result of all this rain is we are hearing from our customers that things are particularly wet underfoot, including in yards that have onsite sewerage systems with irrigation systems.  

The boggy and wet conditions are to be expected after such exceptionally high levels of rainfall, and it’s the same all over Melbourne. 

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to respond to this natural spike in weather variations, except wait for things to dry up. 

The good news is spring is here and the warmer months should help dry things out so we can all enjoy our yards to their full potential. 

For those who are interested, technical information and more data about our exceptionally wet year is available. 

Read a technical explanation here

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