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Seepage and soakage

Seepage, also known as soakage, is unwanted water that has not been directed through a formed channel or drain.

Seepage is caused by rainwater surface runoff from a neighboring property, natural underground water, faulty internal plumbing and stormwater drains or burst sewer and water mains.

Your property can be protected from seepage by:

  • Ensuring that water downpipes are well maintained and that they flow into a water tank or the stormwater system
  • Installing surface drains to protect rooms and garages below floor level
  • Keeping subsoil drains properly maintained to prevent them from being clogged
  • Ensuring areas such as driveways do not channel or concentrate water towards your house

Seepage typically occurs in two scenarios, either after recent heavy rain, or when there has been no recent heavy rainfall.

Seepage after heavy rains

Surface runoff from a neighbouring property.

If water runoff is being channelled or concentrated from a nearby property, immediately notify your local Council as they will require the property owner to redirect the water to a stormwater outlet. Subsoil drains can be installed to help manage the runoff.

If advised by your local Council or you need more information on seepage, please contact Yarra Valley Water on 1300 117 080 .

Natural underground water.

Natural underground water is a common cause of seepage, particularly after periods of heavy rain.

It is the property owner's responsibility to protect their property which can be done by installing subsoil drains.

Faults within the Council's stormwater system.

If you believe your seepage problems is caused by a faulty stormwater drain, contact your local Council as they will investigate nearby stormwater drains and pipes and undertake repairs if required.

Seepage after no rain

Faulty internal plumbing.

Faulty internal plumbing, such as broken pipes or water falling from the roof are common causes of seepage. Check all obvious areas of potential faulty plumbing and conduct a leak test to determine if the leak is on your property.

A leak in a neighbouring property's internal plumbing.

If you believe that a neighbouring property has a leak that is causing seepage on your property, advise your neighbour of the suspected leak, contact Yarra Valley Water on 13 2762 or your local Council.

If an investigation into the neighbouring property identifies that the leak is causing your seepage issue, the neighbouring property owner will be advised to repair the faulty plumbing. 

Faults with Yarra Valley Water owned sewer or water infrastructure.

In most cases, Yarra Valley Water is responsible for maintaining water mains up to and including the water meter. If you believe that Yarra Valley Water infrastructure may be causing seepage, contact us on 13 2762 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

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