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Cornish Hill Water Project

Yarra Valley Water is replacing an existing water storage tank in the Healesville area to ensure the reliability of our water supply to our customers. 

Throughout Yarra Valley Water’s service district, drinking water is stored in reservoirs located on hills and other high points, and then flows through pipes by gravity to supply nearby customers.

The water storage tank located on the top of the hill on Mt Riddell Road is known as the Cornish Hill Reservoir, and it has been supplying customers in the area since 1964. The Cornish Hill Reservoir is a vital piece of water infrastructure, however due to its age the time has come for the tank to be replaced.

Map of Cornish Hill water tank upgrade project works area
The red line shows where we are building a new water pipe

Replacing the tank

In late 2017, Yarra Valley Water completed some minor preparatory works around the Cornish Hill Reservoir.

Our contractors, AHA Constructions and Brockman Engineering, are undertaking the following works on our behalf:

Late January to late April 2018 (completed) – works involved constructing a new 230-metre-long section of water pipe within Mt RIddell Road and Yarra Valley Water’s Cornish Hill Reservoir site, which has ensured we can continue to provide nearby customers with water while the tank replacement works are occurring. A new pressure reducing station was also constructed, to manage pressure levels at the tank, but this won't impact any customers' water pressure levels.

May to mid-November 2018 (in progress) – Demolishing the existing tank, and then building a new tank in its place. This will ensure the continued supply of safe drinking water to people in the Healesville community.

Works will occur between 7.00am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday. Saturday work will occur from 8.00am to 3.00pm to ensure we can complete these important works before the next summer season, when drinking water supply is in higher demand. Works will not occur on Total Fire Ban days.

Community impacts

Local water and sewerage services will not be affected by these works. People in Healesville will continue to receive the same water quality at the same water pressure levels.

A Council-approved traffic management plan will be in effect throughout the works as some construction activities will occur within Mt Riddell Road itself, between Hazel Crescent and Blumfield Road. The plan considers these works occurring in a narrow roadway during the peak fire season, and it will ensure the ability of residents and our workers to enter and exit the area as needed.

Local residents may notice construction noise during works hours, such as the demolition of the existing tank and truck engines and reversing beepers. Some equipment will be operating at a low volume from inside the tank site on a 24/7 schedule until the replacement tank has been constructed. It will be operating in strict accordance with Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) noise regulations. We’ll be taking measures to significantly reduce the noise coming from the equipment at night.

To protect the environment, most of our pipe construction works were completed using trenchless technology, where we drill a hole and push the pipe into that hole, instead of having to dig a long trench to lay the pipe in. This method is used in environmentally sensitive areas. 

When the works have been completed, our contractors will clean up and reinstate affected areas. This includes fixing up road surfaces and nature strips.

We will investigate the possibility of planting new trees to help screen the tank from neighbouring properties.

Contact us

If you have any questions or feedback regarding this project, please contact the project manager, Rebecca King, on 9872 2617 or email [email protected]