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Fairfield Water Upgrade Project

We are constructing new water pipes in Wingrove Street and Station Street in Fairfield, to upgrade the reliability of water supply to the area.

The water supply to customers in the Fairfield area is serviced by a water pipe located under the footpath surface in Station Street. Built in 1948, the ageing pipe has recently experienced some bursts that have temporarily disrupted water supply to the surrounding area.

By replacing the pipe Yarra Valley Water will ensure customers continue to have a reliable water supply.

Project details

Our contractor, DKM Utilities, is building the new water pipes in two sections:

Wingrove Street

  • a new 108-metre-long section of pipe along Wingrove Street, from Station Street towards Arthur Street. Construction activities will occur within the car parking lane opposite from the rail line.
  • This section will be completed between Monday 27 August and mid-September.

Station Street

  • a new 480-metre-long section of pipe will be built in Station Street, from Wingrove Street towards Mitchell Street. Construction activities will occur within the car parking lane on the Foodworks side of Station Street.
  • This section will be completed between mid-September and mid-late October.

Works will occur from Monday to Friday between 7.30am and 3.30pm. There will be no weekend works. All dates are dependent on good weather.

Map of the Fairfield Water Upgrade Project
The red lines show where new pipes will be built

Community impacts

DKM Utilities is making every effort to limit disruption to the community, however these works are occurring in busy streets, and will be noticeable.

Darebin City Council and the Fairfield Traders Association Inc have been consulted during the project’s planning stage, to ensure these important works can be completed with the least impact on the community.

During the works, impacts to the area include:

  • Water supply – this will not be affected during the works. A temporary water supply will be provided via the rear of the properties. DKM Utilities will contact affected customers to arrange connection of the temporary water supply to their property.
  • Construction impacts – these works will be noisy at times, including concrete cutting saws and vehicle movements. DKM Utilities will be using an excavating machine to dig a trench, then lay the new pipe in the trench, and cover it over. They will repeat this process as work progresses.
  • Local traffic and parking – the west side (Foodworks side) of Station Street, and then the north side (shops side) of Wingrove Street, will have changed traffic conditions while works are underway. The car parking spaces facing shops will be closed off during the works period (including evenings and weekends) for works to occur, and pipes to be stored. Parking spaces will become available again as the works progress. A traffic management plan will be in effect.
  • Footpath access – footpaths will remain open to pedestrians throughout the works. The work site will be fenced off to ensure the safety of our work crew and pedestrians.

We thank the community for their patience and understanding throughout these important works.

Contact us

Affected traders and residents will receive community bulletins with project updates, and DKM Utilities will be dropping in for quick chats with traders.

If you have any construction-related concerns during the works, please feel free to approach the DKM Utilities work crew, in particular the construction manager, James Walker.

If you have any questions or feedback please contact Yarra Valley Water’s project manager, Phil Taverna, on 9872 2445.