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Kalkallo Creek Main Sewer Project

Yarra Valley Water is constructing over 4 kilometres of critical sewerage infrastructure to support the growth of communities in Melbourne’s northern growth corridor.

Project details

The new sewer will collect sewage flows from customers west of the Melbourne to Sydney rail line, between Donnybrook Road and the Wallan township. The sewer is critical, as it will be the outlet for all developments within the Urban Growth Boundary west of the Hume Freeway and north of Donnybrook Road, and will connect into the Amaroo Main Sewer (which was completed in 2017).

Construction details

The majority of the new sewer pipe is being constructed using a Micro Tunnelling Boring Machine. The project involves:

  • Building approximately 4.5 km of sewer using a Glass Reinforced Polymer pipe (GRP) at depths ranging from approximately 6 to 15 metres
  • Tunnelling underneath the Merri Creek and Hume Freeway
  • Constructing 13 new sewer manholes, ranging from 1.8m to 3.5m in diameter.
Map of the Kalkallo Creek Main Sewer Project
The red line shows where pipes will be built. The blue line shows sections of pipe we've already completed.

Work updates

  • April 2019

    Our contractor, Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure, has constructed a new 3.4-kilometre-long section of large diameter sewer pipe, and has built five of nine new sewer manholes, in the Kalkallo area. These works are all to the east of the Hume Freeway. 

    The remaining works involve installing the last four sewer manhole structures into their excavated locations, and then backfilling around the manhole. Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure will then remove site fencing, clean up the work area and fix up roads and nature strips affected by the project’s construction activities.

    We expect these works to be completed in July 2019

    To the west of the Hume Freeway, our contractor John Holland Group is constructing a 1.1 kilometre-long section of sewer pipe and four new sewer manholes. These works are taking place within developer-owned land, and are expected to be completed by November 2019.

Project timeframe

Key project milestones include:

  • Construction started – early May 2017
  • Construction completed (east of Hume Freeway) – July 2019
  • Construction completed (west of Hume Freeway) - November 2019.

Our contractors are working from Monday to Friday, between 7.00am and 5.00pm. Some Saturday work will be required from time to time.


Crane structure
The crane structure that enables our TBM to be lowered into the shaft, from where it will tunnel and drop new sections of pipe into position

Community impact

We are working with the contractor to minimise the impact of these important works on the community. During the construction period, impacts may include:

  • Construction noise such as truck engines, machinery, excavation and associated construction activities.
  • Vibration is expected to be minimal but may be noticed in close proximity to the shaft sites. We will be monitoring vibration levels.
  • Dust may result from our excavation activities during dry weather, however we will be managing this in accordance with Environment Protection Authority (EPA) Victoria guidelines through the use of water trucks and reduced speed limits.
  • Vehicle traffic will be increased due to the amount of trucks in the area, and a traffic management plan will be in effect throughout the works.

Contact us

If you have any other questions or feedback about this project, please call the project manager, Ashley Hamer, directly on 9872 2661.