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Red Hill Water Project

We have finished constructing a new 260-metre-long water pipe in Watts Road, Doreen, which improves our ability to reliably supply water to customers in Yan Yean and Doreen.

Project details

In our water supply system, different water pipes provide water to properties in different water supply zones. A number of properties in Yan Yean and Doreen are supplied via large underground water pipes, and are part of what we call the ‘Red Hill Water Supply Zone’.

This project provides a ‘link’ between two existing water pipes. By connecting this missing link, we have greater flexibility to ensure properties in the area are getting its water supply, even when we need to conduct maintenance works on the pipe in the future. 

Works completed

In mid-October 2017 our contractor, AHA Constructions, finished constructing the new 260-metre-long section of pipe between Watts Road and Laurimar Avenue.

Minor additional works are occurring within Melbourne Water’s Yan Yean reservoir land, which involves decommissioning (or ‘retiring’) an ageing water storage tank and some associated pipework.

Red Hill Water Project construction alignment
The red line shows where the new water pipe was built.


AHA Constructions started working in the area in mid-July 2017, identifying where other existing services (such as underground gas pipes and phone wires) were located, and constructed the new pipe between late September and mid-October 2017.

Additional works within Melbourne Water’s Yan Yean reservoir land will occur between October and November 2017

Works will occur Monday to Friday, between 7.00am and 5.00pm.

Construction details

Instead of digging a large open trench with an excavator, the new pipe along the west side of Watts Road was constructed using a technique called ‘directional drilling’.

This involved digging up a small area of land at each end of the pipe length, and then drilling a tunnel underground, through which the new water pipe was pulled through. This technique has much less impact on the natural environment.

Contact us

If you have any questions, please call the project manager, Adam Ross, on 9872 1808 or email [email protected].