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Secondary Chlorinators Project

To ensure we continue to supply safe, high-quality drinking water to our customers, we are installing secondary chlorinators at 14 reservoirs across our area

Yarra Valley Water is installing secondary chlorinators at 14 reservoirs across our area.

image of chlorinator cabit
Photo of typical chlorinator cabinet

Secondary chlorination is an additional barrier that ensures we provide safe and clean drinking water to our customers.

The work at each reservoir will be completed in two stages. 

  • The contractor will mobilise at the site and prepare it for the installation of a chlorinator. This involves minor excavation works to construct a concrete pad, installing pipes and completing other preliminary work in preparation for the installation of the pre-fabricated chlorinator unit to connect to the water supply network.
  • The contractor will return to the reservoir once the chlorinator unit has been fabricated and tested off site. The chlorinator tank will be connected to our water supply network and commissioned.

At some sites, a flowmeter may need to be installed and tested as part of the commissioning activities.

Sites which will receive secondary chlorination include:

  • Ringwood Reservoir, Ringwood North*
  • Coonara Reservoir, Olinda*
  • Kangaroo Ground Reservoir, Kangaroo Ground*
  • Sherbrooke Reservoir, Sherbrooke*
  • East Doncaster Reservoir, Doncaster East**
  • Eltham #2 Reservoir, Research**
  • Eltham- Lower Plenty Reservoir, Lower Plenty*
  • Lilydale/Plantes Hill Reservoir, Chirnside Park**
  • Mt Evelyn Reservoir, Mt Evelyn**
  • Pretty Sally Tank, Wallan**
  • Diamond Creek East Reservoir, Diamond Creek*
  • Kalorama Reservoir, Kalorama*
  • Olinda Township Reservoir, Olinda*
  • Ridge Road Silo, Johns Hill*

For more information about this project, please contact Roger Kumarasinghe, Project Manager, Yarra Valley Water on 9872 1528 or by email [email protected].

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