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South Morang Sewerage Upgrade Project

Yarra Valley Water is constructing new sewerage pipes in the South Morang area to ensure the reliability of our sewerage system and protect the environment.

Construction details

The project involves constructing a new 3 kilometre-long section of sewer pipe, and 30 new sewer manholes, within road reserves and the powerline easement in South Morang.

The new sewer pipe is being  constructed between Red Gum Grove Park (the reserve near the tennis courts) and the Wilton Vale Wetland in South Morang.

South Morang Sewerage Project construction alignment

The red lines represents the open-cut trench sections, and the purple lines represent tunnelled sections of construction. The green lines represent completed sections.

Most of the sewer is being constructed by using an excavating machine to dig an open trench in which the new pipe will be laid. The trench is then filled in with soil. Construction occurring in more complex areas (under roads or paths) is being completed by using a machine to dig a tunnel, and then pushing lengths of pipe into the underground tunnel hole.

Project timeframe

Our contractor, MFJ Constructions, is undertaking these works on Yarra Valley Water’s behalf.

They set up their site compound in Red Gum Grove Park in mid-2016, and construction started in October 2016. Works are occurring in several areas, and some sections have already been completed. 

The updated construction schedule is as follows, weather permitting:

  • June to September 2017 – trenchless section in The Lakes Boulevard, between Martin Close and Red Oaks Park
  • June to August 2017 – bore underneath Wilton Vale Road
  • June to September 2017 – Wilton Vale Road to Hawkestowe Parade.

Works are occurring Monday to Friday between 7.00am and 5.00pm and Saturdays between 7.00am and 2.00pm.

No works outside these hours are expected to be required, however if this changes we will notify residents in advance.

Community impact

Your property’s water and sewerage service will not be affected by these works.

MFJ Constructions are making every effort to minimise the impact on nearby residents, however our works will be noisy at times due to the use of excavating machines and other construction equipment.

While construction activities will at times occur in land next to roads, there shouldn’t be any need to close any road lanes to complete these works.

Protecting the environment

By undertaking this project, Yarra Valley Water is protecting the local environment and waterways by reducing the likelihood of sewage spills during heavy rainfall events. However, it is equally important to protect the local environment, waterways and wetland during construction.

We have completed extensive environmental investigations to choose the best construction methods and reduce environmental impacts during construction.

When the sewerage upgrade works have been completed, MFJ Constructions will clean up their work area and reinstate affected areas. This includes fixing up road surfaces and nature strips. 

No trees are expected to be removed as part of this project.

Contact us

Please direct any construction-related questions to Geoff Mate of MFJ Constructions on 9852 0300 during business hours.

If you have any other questions or feedback about this project, please call the project manager, Leon Holewa, directly on 9872 1470.