Yarra Valley Water


Warburton Sewer Improvement Project

Yarra Valley Water has improved the reliability of the sewerage system in Warburton.


To improve the reliability of the sewerage system, Yarra Valley Water constructed two new sewer vents at Mac Sparke Oval, Warburton.

Our regular monitoring of Warburton’s sewerage pipes identified that there was a higher than usual level of naturally occurring gases within our sewer pipes. To avoid costly and disruptive repairs, we built two new nine-metre-high sewer vents. These vents let fresh air into the sewer and release the gases that are in the sewer.

Our Project Partner, Diona, started construction in April 2020 but their work was interrupted and delayed by COVID-19 restrictions. The installation of the new sewer vents was completed in October 2020.

We worked with our contractor to minimise the impacts of this work on the community and environment.

The red dots on the map show the location of the two new vents.

Warburton Sewer Improvement Project location

We will continue to monitor the vents to ensure they are reducing the concentration of corrosive gases in the sewer.

More information

For more information about this project, please contact Jamie Lynch, Project Manager, on 9872 1971 or by email [email protected]


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