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Warburton Sewer Improvement Project

Yarra Valley Water is currently improving the reliability of the sewerage system in Warburton.

Our regular monitoring of Warburton’s sewerage pipes has identified that there is a higher than usual level of naturally occurring gases within our sewer pipes. We need to release these gases before they undergo a chemical reaction and start to corrode the sewer pipes. To avoid costly and disruptive repairs to the pipes, we will be building two new nine-meter-high sewer vents.

Sewer vents are found in all sewerage networks. They let fresh air into the sewer and release the gases that build-up in the sewer. This reduces the likelihood of any corrosion of the sewer pipes or odours being generated by chemical reactions that occur within the sewer. The nine-meter height of the vents will ensure that if any odours are produced, they are quickly dispersed into the air and should not be detectable at ground level. 

Construction details

We have appointed a contractor, Diona, to install the sewer vents. The location of the two nine-meter sewer vents (one next to Mac Sparke Oval and another opposite Warburton Bowls Club) are shown in red on the map below.

Warburton Sewer Improvement Project locationMap: The red circles show where sewer vents will be built

Project timing

Our key project milestones are that:

  • Yarra Ranges Council issued us a planning permit in 2019
  • the sewer vents will start to be installed in February 2020
  • the installation of the sewer vents will be completed in March 2020
  • monitoring of the sewer vents will occur for the rest of the year to ensure they are effectively reducing the concentration of corrosive gases in the sewer.

Works will occur from Monday to Friday between 7.00am and 5.00pm.

Reducing our impact on the community and environment

We will work with our contractor to minimise the impacts of these works on the community. We expect minimal disruptions to the community. There will be:

  • no impact to your water or sewer services
  • trucks operating in the area, and associated noise and dust
  • access to surrounding footpaths, roads, playground and facilities.

In designing the project, we’ve done our best to avoid affecting trees. However, our activities might affect the root structure of two small trees at the eastern vent site. While unlikely, it is possible that these trees might need to be removed for this project. A qualified arborist will determine if the trees need to be removed when construction starts.

Contact us

If you have any questions or feedback about this project, please contact Jamie Lynch, Project Manager, on 9872 1971 or by email [email protected]