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Yarra Glen Water Filling Station Upgrade Project

We are upgrading our existing water filling station in Yarra Glen to make it safer for our customers to use.

Water filling stations are pieces of water infrastructure that provide both commercial and domestic customers with a reliable and accessible supply of water in areas where normal access to our reticulated supply is not otherwise available.

Project details

The water filling station is located on Steels Creek Road, opposite Forest Road in Yarra Glen. The site layout is being improved to provide capacity for multiple users – separating commercial water carters from domestic users, and new entry and exit points are being constructed to improve public safety.

Project timeline

Construction works will begin on Monday 9 July 2018 and should be completed by September 2018.

These are our current indicative project timelines:

  • Site ground conditions investigations - August 2017 (completed)
  • Consult with customers - September/October 2017 (completed)
  • Apply to Council for permits - February 2018 (completed)
  • Construction commences - July 2018
  • Construction completed - September 2018

Want to know more?

  • Why is the water filling station being upgraded?

    By upgrading this piece of water infrastructure, we are:

    • Improving the site layout, entry and exit points to enhance site safety for the public, as well as water filling station users and operators
    • Providing capacity for multiple users – separating commercial water carters from domestic users.
  • What does the upgrade involve?

    The upgrade involves installing two water filling stations at the current site, and changing the road pavement and drainage.

  • Can the water filling station be located elsewhere?

    No. We looked at a site further north along Steels Creek Road but re-locating the water filling station there could impact on water pressure for customers in the surrounding area, so this option was ruled out. 

  • What was considered during the planning stage?

    Our engineers have investigated how our design would work best for our users. We’ve undertaken a site safety assessment as well as getting a clearer idea of who currently uses the water filling station, and how often it is used.

    We’ve identified that there is a mix of smaller and larger vehicles that use the water filling station, and that most demand is from Dixons Creek and Steels Creek – areas that are not connected to the Melbourne’s reticulated water supply system.

    We’ve also looked at viable entry and exit paths for improved safety, as well as minimising the impact to existing vegetation and the need to modify drainage.

    Based on our investigations, our upgrade includes two separate water filling stations – one for commercial customers, and one for domestic customers.

  • What planning approvals were required?

    We consulted with Yarra Ranges Shire Council about our proposed upgrade to make sure any proposal complies with relevant Council planning, environmental and road safety requirements.

    We also identified that there would be some vegetation removal required, and we’ve worked with Council to ensure that the amount of vegetation we need to remove is kept to a minimum.

    Council approved our application for a planning permit in early 2018. The application contained details of the vegetation removal required as part of this upgrade.

  • Where's the closest water filling station to use?

    The water filling station will not be available to use until the upgrade works are completed in September 2018.

    In the meantime, the closest available water filling stations are located in Railway Parade, Healesville (Melway 277, K1) and Long Gully Road, Panton Hill  (Melway 264, A8).

    There is also a hydrant approximately 800 metres north-west of the existing water filling station, further along Steels Creek Road (between Hubbard Road and Henderson Road).

Contact us

If you have any questions or feedback about this project please contact the project manager, Derheeta Wagenaar, on 9872 1715 or email [email protected]