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Shower Superstars

boy singing shower karaoke

Yarra Valley Water, City West Water, South East Water and Melbourne Museum are on a mission: to inspire the next generation of water saving heroes!

Melbourne is growing but the amount of water on earth isn’t. If every Melburnian reduced their shower by just one minute, everyone could save up to 14 litres of water a day – that’s over 550 buckets a year each.

Bring the whole family along to Melbourne Museum this school holidays to see how you can sing your way to water savings! We’ll have a mock shower where children can sing karaoke to a four-minute song to encourage them to have shorter showers. The shower will be set up like a photo booth with oversized props (from shower cap to rubber ducks) which will make for some fun and colourful photos. Or decorate a lovely bathroom tile. Our tiles are sticky and pull apart. One part will decorate the Melbourne Museum’s foyer, the other you can take home for your own bathroom to remind you to save water!

What: Shower Superstars Activity Hub
Where: Melbourne Museum Foyer
When: School holidays from April 6 to 21
Time: 11am to 3pm
Where Melburnians use water at home:

diagram of house with water usage for each room

So as well as shortening our showers, there’s a lot we can be doing at home to help us use less water.

You could try:

  • turning off­ the tap when brushing your teeth
  • only washing full loads in the washing machine/dishwasher
  • fixing a dripping tap
  • using the half flush on the toilet (when you can)

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