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I am a property manager

If you're managing property on behalf of a landlord, it's easy to update tenant information online.

Tenant moving in

If a new tenant is moving in, you need to notify us of the tenant’s name, date of birth, telephone contact details, move in date, and property address. A new account will be created within two business days. 

You can provide your tenant's details online or via your Yarra Valley Online Water account.

Move tenant in

If your property is separately metered your tenant will receive a bill for water usage and sewage disposal charges. If your property is not separately metered we cannot bill usage charges to your tenant.

If you are moving back into your property, please use the Tenant Move Out form and select ‘Property Owner’.

Tenant is moving out

The tenant who is moving out is required to notify us to organise a final meter reading for water usage and sewage disposal charges up to the move out date.

If required, you can notify us of the tenant move out date online.

Move tenant out

Complete the form above and select ‘Property Owner’. Once a tenant moves out of your property, you are required to pay for any water that is used until we’re notified that a new tenant has moved in.

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