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I am a tenant

As the tenant, you’re responsible for paying for water usage and sewage disposal charges (where the property is separately metered).

Find out what you need to do if you're moving.

Moving out of a property

If you’re a tenant moving out of a rental property here are the steps to follow.

At least two business days before moving out, you need to:

  • Advise us of the date you're moving out.
  • Tell us your forwarding address so you can receive your final bill.  That last bill will arrive within two weeks of the date you move out.
  • Ensure we have access to your meter for final reading - this means you won’t need to pay for usage after you move out.

Tenant move out request

If you don’t notify us within two business days of moving out, the account will be finalised two business days after we receive your request.

If you are moving out, but staying within our service area, you can organise a final meter reading and update your details via Yarra Valley Online Water.

Moving in to a property

According to the Water Act 1989, your landlord or property manager is responsible for notifying us when a tenant moves in to a property. However, to ensure the process is timely and that we have your correct details, you can register with us online.

Tenant move in

We just need your name, new property address and move-in date. And to start your account, we need those details at least two business days before you move in. 

If you're a new customer to Yarra Valley Water, we will send your first bill within three months of moving in.

Some of the tenants are changing

If the tenants at your house are changing, you will need to open a new account. When you do this, the original account will be closed automatically.

Any of the tenants who will continue to occupy the property can setup a new account in their name. We will need you to confirm your name (and the names of any other tenants), the property address, and the move in date (or the date the tenants are changing).

Open a new account

To start your new account, we will need at least two business days’ notice. The last bill for the original account will arrive within two weeks.

We will send the first bill for the new account within three months of the new account start date.

Like to manage your account online? 

No problem! You can manage your account online, once we have created it. 
You can register for an online account to view or download a previous bill, pay by credit card, add or change a direct debit, update concession details and much more. If you are a customer of ours at another address, you can also update your details via your online account.

Read about Yarra Valley Online Water.

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