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Water. Learn it. Live it.

The Water. Learn it. Live it. program is a suite of educational resources for teachers of Prep to Year 10.

The initiative helps schools implement water education in the curriculum and aims to inspire positive change in students' knowledge, attitude and behaviour toward water.

The water curriculum resource provides three volumes of water information and activities to use with primary and secondary students.

Water is explored through science, English, geography, mathematics, communications, music and art with activities to suit all learning levels.

Volume 1: Water in the Natural Environment

An investigation into water in its natural state. Four sections make up Volume One: Properties of Water, Natural Water Cycle, Bodies of Water, and Weather. 

Download Volume 1

Volume 2: Water in the Urban Environment

An investigation into the journey of water through the urban water cycle. Four sections make up Volume Two: Collecting Water, The Water Journey, Water Coming and Going, and Water Industry.

Download Volume 2

Volume 3: Water in the Community

An investigation into the way we use, consume and value water. Five sections make up Volume Three: Understanding Water Use, How We Use Water, Water Meanings, Water Supply and Efficient Water Use, and Water for Health and Wellbeing.

Download Volume 3

The Water. Learn it. Live it. (Water-lili) education program is a joint initiative of Yarra Valley Water, South East Water and City West Water.