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Save yourself a truckload of trouble

Wet wipes block your pipes

Did you know that wet wipes aren’t actually flushable?

That’s right, while they might be labelled as such, these wipes don’t break down and when flushed, clog our pipes and drains, causing expensive blockages.

They can also damage the system which protects our creeks, rivers and oceans.

The best option? Save yourself a truckload of trouble and put your wet wipes into the bin.

So next time you go to flush a wet wipe down the toilet, remember - only pee, poo and paper should go in the loo.

Here’s a handy guide on what NOT to flush

  • wet wipes and facial tissues
  • cotton buds, nappies, condoms, sanitary products and wrappers
  • plastics
  • medicines
  • motor oils, paints or pesticides
  • fats, oils or food scraps

If in doubt – throw it out!

Fast Facts

  • Every fortnight over four tonnes, about the size of an African elephant, of wet wipes are removed from Yarra Valley Water’s sewerage network because they have been wrongly flushed into the system.
  • Wet wipes are a mammoth issue, with over 100 tonnes needing to be removed each year with some causing blockages that can cost up to $1,000 a time to clear.
  • While some of these products claim to be flushable, they may not be and customers should be mindful of what is flushed down the toilet.

More information

Watch our short animations or download and keep this info sheet handy.

Download What Can Go Down the Drain info sheet

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