Greetings little earthlings

It’s time to get learning!
Welly the Water Watcher Wade the Water Watcher Washy the Water Watcher Wavy the Water Watcher

Say hello to the Water Watchers

The Water Watchers are a squad of crusaders who were forced to flee their home planet after it was drained of all its water. After light years of travel, they landed on Earth with a mission to watch over the planet’s precious water supply and remind Earthlings to turn their taps off.

Want the Water Watchers squad to visit your school?

You can! Our free, curriculum linked classroom incursions are now available to primary schools in the Yarra Valley Water service area. Students from Prep to Year 6 will participate in a wide range of fun activities and games, designed to build their water saving knowledge. 

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What will the incursion cover?

Linking directly to the Victorian Curriculum, our Water Watchers incursions aim to teach primary school students about where water comes from, how people consume it, and why we all have a role to play in saving it.  

It’s our hope that students leave the session with an increased knowledge and understanding around water use, and a desire to join the Water Watchers in their mission to save the Earth’s supply.  

Every student who attends an incursion will receive their very own Water Watcher to take home.

Looking for more Water Watchers fun?

The fun doesn’t stop in the classroom! Check out our range of activities and become as water wise as Welly and her squad!

Getting Water Watchers ready!

Welly the Water Watcher

How long is the incursion?

All incursions are approximately 45 minutes in duration but may vary slightly depending on year level and group size.

Wavy the Water Watcher

How many students can attend a session?

To ensure maximum engagement and fun, our incursions are designed for individual classes of 20 to 30 students each.

Washy the Water Watcher

What kind of space is needed for the incursion?

To make sure there’s enough room for all the Water Watchers fun, we recommend a classroom, hall or other space that doesn’t have too many distractions for students. 

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