We’re the Water Watchers

We’ve come to watch your water
Welly the Water Watcher Wade the Water Watcher Washy the Water Watcher Wavy the Water Watcher

A message from our leader Welly

After our home planet was drained by evil Water Wasters, we set off to find a new planet with fresh flowing water. Now, we’re here to remind all Earthlings about why it’s so important to save water and all the different ways you can do it. By working together, we can protect your beautiful planet and its precious water supply. H20, here we go!

Meet the rest of the team

We’ve got Washy, second in command, helping us save water on a daily! Then there’s Wade the number crunching Water Watcher! Last but not least, Wavy the Protector of the outdoors!

Watch Now
Welly the Water Watcher wrapped around a tap

What are the three Water Watchers’ winning ways?

  • Get out of the shower earlier – there are so many more fun things to do outside the bathroom
  • Brush your teeth with the taps off – this will drive the Water Wasters crazy
  • Fill up the dishwasher before you use it – it’s like Tetris for your plates
Wavy the Water Watcher

The Water Watchers love the earth as much as you do

We’re 100% natural rubber.  

We’re biodegradable, so when you’ve become an expert Water Watcher and no longer need me on the tap, place me in your home compost or in your garden (I like topsoil), and over the years I will return to nature thanks to sunlight, humidity and fresh air. 

We’re BPA, phthalate, PVC, nitrosamine free.

If we get a little dirty, we’d love a surface clean with soapy water using a damp cloth or towel.

Wade the Water Watcher

Want to become a Water Watching expert?

Don’t let the Water Watchers have all the fun! Check out our range of activities to become as water wise as Welly and her squad!

Your Water Watcher Questions

Welly the Water Watcher

When’s the rest of the squad coming to my house?

To be the first to know when the next member of the squad arrives, email us to join the mailing list.

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Wavy the Water Watcher

My Water Watcher seems to be lost in space

We know how important the Water Watchers’ mission is, so we’d be happy to send you a new Water Watcher if it hasn’t arrived or it’s been damaged by the Water Wasters. Please let us know by sending us an email and including your full name and address.

Email us
Washy the Water Watcher

Can I bring the Water Watchers to my school?

You can! Our FREE, curriculum linked incursions are available to primary schools located in the Yarra Valley Water service area. Students from Prep to Year 6 will participate in a range of fun activities and games, designed to build their water saving knowledge.

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The Water Watchers Welly the Water Watcher