Yarra Valley Water


Our communities

To provide exemplary service, we need to ensure we work with and support all members of the community.

The views of our customers and the community are vital to help us shape the decisions we make. Our relationships enable us to tap into a range of views, helping us to understand what our stakeholders consider to be our most important impacts and opportunities to create value.

Placing the customer at the centre

We regularly check in with the customers we serve, seeking their engagement, insights and input on the work we do. We seek customer input in our decision-making processes to provide information and discuss projects that may affect them or the area they live in, to listen to their views and feedback on our services and programs. We are designing solutions together.

Working with our customers and community

Our ongoing customer insights and community engagement work gives us an in-depth understanding of the values and expectations of our customers.

Grandparents an granddaughter watering garden

Consumer input into our work takes several forms:

Community Advisory Group: This group, comprised of a diverse group of residential customers and representatives of community organisations, has been providing input on a wide range of customer issues since 1995. Our Managing Director attends all committee meetings.

Community panels: These panels, drawn from local or affected communities, are formed specifically to help us fully understand the impacts of complex initiatives such as policy development or new infrastructure.

Market research: We regularly conduct market research to canvas the views of our customers on the services we provide. This helps us to continually improve our services and the way we communicate with our customers.     

Our citizens’ jury

In 2017, we invited consumers to help us formulate our five-yearly price submission. We embarked on a large-scale customer engagement initiative which considered the feedback provided by more than 24,000 customers.

The process culminated in our citizens’ jury. We gave 30 jurors – selected to reflect the diversity of our community – all the information they needed to make an informed decision, and asked them to find a solution to the following problem: We need to find a balance between price and service that is fair for everyone. How should we do this?

We worked with the jury for 800 hours over six months as they made recommendations, which we took to the ESC. The results of the citizens’ jury deliberations can be seen throughout our work. We are using the outcomes of the process to guide our priorities over the next five years.

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