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Amaroo sewer site

Major projects

We're investing in a number of innovative projects to deliver services which contribute to the health and wellbeing of current and future generations.

ReWaste tanks

Waste to energy facility

Climate change and Melbourne’s growing population are placing strain on finite resources like water and energy. It is important that we plan for and adapt to this changing environment.

We are building waste to energy facilities that process commercial food waste into clean, renewable energy. Turning food waste into energy helps to reduce landfill and cut greenhouse gas emissions, while reducing our energy costs helps us to keep water bills lower.

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Craigieburn Sewage Transfer Hub Project

Craigieburn Sewage Transfer Hub

Yarra Valley Water constructed new sewerage infrastructure in Craigieburn to improve our capacity to collect, store and transfer sewage flows from future developments in Melbourne’s northern suburbs.

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Amaroo sewer equipment

Amaroo and Lockerbie Main Sewer

The Amaroo and Lockerbie Main Sewer projects involved building critical sewerage infrastructure to service proposed developments between Craigieburn and Wallan in Melbourne's northern growth corridor.

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image of land

Hazelwynde Project

We’re exploring a potential opportunity to partner to create a sustainable, water efficient community on land we own in Melbourne’s north.

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Image of an artist's impression of the proposed hydrogen production facility

Exploring green hydrogen

As part of our commitment to innovate to tackle the challenges of climate change, go beyond zero carbon and create a brighter future for communities and the environment, we’re proposing to build a green hydrogen production facility to provide ‘green’ renewable hydrogen as a clean source of energy to power homes, vehicles and industry.

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