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Information for new property owners

The following information is a guide for new property owners

What to expect on your first bill

How do I receive my bill?

Your Yarra Valley Water bill is sent via email, making it easier to access from anywhere on any device. This method also protects our environment using less paper. If you would prefer a printed bill, you can change your communication preferences.

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How frequently will I receive my bill?

We will read your water meter and send a bill every 3 months. It is important that your meter is accessible for our meter readers. If we can’t access your meter, we’ll leave you a calling card so you can send us your meter reading.

How to locate and read your water meter?

Usually, your meter will be located close to the front of the property, often just inside the front fence near a garden tap.

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Why are there different charges on my water bill?

Your bill is made up of different types of charges – these include usage, service charges and charges collected by Yarra Valley Water on behalf of other organisations.

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What are property-based charges?

You may see charges carried forward from the previous owner. Yarra Valley Water service charges are applied to the property and are payable by the current owner. These charges should be adjusted by the property solicitor/conveyancer in the sale price, which results in a payment being made to the new owners’ account.

In some cases, a payment may not be received for charges carried forward; if this happens, we request you contact your solicitor or conveyancer for more information.

Managing your account online

You can now update your details, find out about our flexible payment options, set up or close your account online.

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Are you a landlord?

What do to if you’re leasing the property to a tenant?

If a tenant is moving in or out of your property, you need to let us know. The easiest way to do this is to submit a form online. A meter read will then be taken by Yarra Valley Water to commence billing usage charges to the new tenant.

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What charges am I responsible for as a landlord?

As the landlord, you are responsible for paying:

  • water and sewer system charges
  • waterways and drainage charge
  • Parks charge.

The tenant is responsible for paying:

  • Water usage 
  • Sewage disposal

 Please note: we can only bill usage charges to a tenant if the property is separately metered.

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Making changes to your house or yard?

Before renovating, extending, or making changes in your yard, it is important to know if Yarra Valley Water has any infrastructure or easements within your property.

Many things, such as sheds and pools, cannot be placed too close to Yarra Valley Water pipes.

It is important that you know where pipes and easements are located. In some cases, you will need to submit your plans to Yarra Valley Water for approval, before you start work.

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