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Customer charter

As a valued Yarra Valley Water customer, your satisfaction with our services is important to us.

We are committed to delivering high standards of service and our customer charters detail our service commitments including guaranteed service levels, and your rights and responsibilities as our customer.

Download the relevant customer charter for an outline of our service commitments and standards.

Residential customers

Guaranteed service levels are outlined in our customer charters. If we fail to meet a guaranteed service level, you will be eligible for a rebate on your bill.

Rebates will be made to the customer responsible for the account and will not be given if an event is caused by, or is the responsibility of, the customer concerned or a third party. Rebates are payable to residential customers only.

Residential Customer Charter Summary (PDF 494KB)

Residential Customer Charter - summary (text version)

Residential Customer Charter - full version (PDF 2173KB)

Residential Customer Charter - Full version (text version)

Easy English Residential Customer Charter version (PDF 2979)

Business customers

Business Customer Charter Summary (PDF 510KB)

Business Customer Charter - summary (text version)

Business Customer Charter - full version (PDF 1620KB)

Business Customer Charter - Full version (text version)


Recycled Water Customer Charter Summary (PDF 507KB)

Recycled Water Customer Charter - summary (text version)

Trade Waste Customer Charter (557KB)

Trade Waste Customer charter (text version)

If you have a question or feedback, please let us know by calling our Customer Relations Team on 1800 051 379.

You can also write to us at Yarra Valley Water, 25 Lucknow Street, Mitcham, VIC 3132.