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Check our map for updates on interruptions, fault repairs and works.

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The cold weather has frozen my pipes

When temperatures drop below zero – usually overnight – the water in your water meter and the pipes that sit above ground may freeze, this stops water from reaching the home.

How do I restore my water?

We recommend you let nature take its course and let the pipes thaw out as the sun comes up and the outside temperature warms up.   This reduces the risk of the meter or pipes being damaged.

If you cannot wait, pour lukewarm water (i.e left over from the kettle or from your water tank) over the inlet and outlet pipe of the water meter.  This should start to shift the frost and allow water to enter your home. This can take up to 15 – 20 minutes.

It is important to never use hot or boiling water as this may crack or damage the pipes leading to leaks and plumber’s bills.

How do I prevent my meter and pipes freezing?

Before a cold night where temperatures are low, covering your water meter is the best way of reducing the risk of freezing. Blankets, buckets or cardboard boxes are great options.

What do I do if my pipes are damaged after a cold night?

Property Owners are responsible for pipes on the house side of the water meter and will require a licensed plumber to repair them if they are damaged.

If there is a leak or issue with your water meter or the pipes on the street side, contact Yarra Valley Water on 13 2762.

My water is off

Is your stop tap off?

That's the main tap near your water meter. Check if it has been turned off accidently.

Are there emergency works in the area?

If your water is off without prior notification, there may be a problem we don’t know about. Please report that your water is off by calling 13 2762.

In the event of emergency works, we cannot always notify you of a water interruption. Please rest assured that we're focused on fixing the problem as quickly as possible.

Check for reported leaks and bursts

Managing the impact of water interruptions

Are there planned works in the area?

For scheduled maintenance we will normally notify you in advance by mail. 

Look up planned works in your area

Report your fault

If you can’t see your address on the planned works list or outages map, please call 13 2762 to report that your water is off.

What happens when I report a fault?

There is a burst water main or gushes of running water

A burst water main or large gushes of running water can be caused by pipe or hydrant damage, road works, ageing pipes and ground conditions.

Check if the burst main has already been reported or get an update

The map will provide updates on when a reported fault will be fixed.

Check the map for reported bursts

Report your fault

If you can’t see your address on the map, please call 13 2762 to report the burst.

What happens after a burst is reported?

When the burst is reported we initially send a team to assess the situation so we can determine the cause and what we need to do to fix it.

What happens when I report a fault?

There is a leak or puddles of water on my property

Puddles of water can result from a leak on your property or a neighbour’s property. The cause could be dripping taps or toilets, faulty appliances, faulty garden dripper systems, damaged or old pipes and ground conditions.

In some cases, leaks can go unseen and only discovered after an unusually high water bill.

I think there is a leak on my property

A simple 2-minute leak test will determine if a leak is on your property. If you have a leak, you will be responsible for the repair.

Take the leak test

How do I fix the leak?

If the leak is on your property and coming from damaged pipes or a faulty appliance, you'll need to contact a licensed plumber.

If the leak is at your meter or on the street, Yarra Valley Water is responsible to fix the problem, so please call 13 2762.

There is a leak or puddles of water on my street

Check if the leak has already been reported or get an update

The map will provide updates on when a reported leak will be fixed.

Check the map for reported leaks

If the source of the leak is on a neighbouring private property, we suggest you discuss the issue with your neighbour first. They may need to contact a local plumer to help them fix the problem. 

Sometimes leaks are from private pipes in the street, footpath or naturestrip. This includes from fire services or private water mains.   Sometimes we will need to send a field crew to determine if the leak is from our pipes or from a private pipe.  When we identify the leak is from a private pipe, we will advise the owner of the pipe to urgently contact a local plumber to repair the leak.  

Report your leak

If you cannot see your address on the map, please call 13 2762. We will ask you for a description of the leak and the location.

What happens when I report a fault?

There are works happening in my street

Planned works and major projects are necessary to maintain and improve the system. We realise they can be disruptive and we try to keep you updated with what’s going on and why.

What’s going on?

Information on planned works is available online. It explains what the work is for and how long we'll be in the area.

Look up planned works in your area

Will I get notified if my water will be turned off?

We will normally give you advance notice in the mail of the date and time your water will be off. 

What to do if my water will be turned off

My water is off and I didn’t get notified

If your water is off without prior notification, there may be a problem we don’t know about. Please report that your water is off by calling 13 2762.

Check the map for reported bursts and leaks

My street is blocked or the noise is too loud

All planned works are undertaken within business hours and we will advise if heavy machinery will be used. If the noise is unacceptable or traffic is blocking your driveway, please talk to us so we can resolve the issue quickly. Please call us on 13 2762.

What happens to the area after Yarra Valley Water has completed works?

My water seems different from usual

The look, taste and smell of your water can be affected by local works, changes in the water supply and rusty water pipes on your property.

Check the water troubleshooting guide to determine what may have caused a change in your water and what to do.

My water looks, smells or tastes different 

If you are ever concerned or need advice about the quality of your water, please call 13 2762.

My business uses water and I’m concerned about the quality of the water

Yarra Valley Water conducts ongoing monitoring and management programs to make sure the water is of the highest quality.

Behind the scenes we carry out more than 57,000 weekly, fortnightly and monthly water quality tests across the water supply network. Our quality assurance programs are the same as those used in food and pharmaceutical industries worldwide.

View the latest water quality reports and results

Problem with the sewer

Issues with the sewer can include leaks, overflows, blockages and unpleasant odours.

Regardless of the problem, please call us because it will need to be investigated. The source of the problem will determine whether Yarra Valley Water or your own licensed plumber will need to fix it.

There is a sewage overflow

Sewage overflows can occur in the yard, inside and underneath the house and out of the manhole. Surges of storm water for up to two days after heavy rain can also infiltrate the sewerage system. This can cause an overflow into the home through the bathroom, shower or toilet.

Call 13 2762 to talk to the team about the overflow.

My sink, toilet or shower is taking a long time to drain

Blockages can arise from pipes damaged by tree roots or inappropriate objects flushed into the sewer system.

If the blockage is within your property's internal pipes or a combined drain, you are responsible for clearing it and will need to contact a licensed plumber.

If the blockage or intermittent spills are occurring near the system connection, please call 13 2762 to report the problem.

Please note, wet wipes and sanitary products should not be flushed down the toilet.

What not to put down the drain

There is a sewage smell

There is no mistaking an unpleasant odour, but working out where it is coming from can sometimes be difficult.

If the smell is coming from your property take a look around for an overflow. If you are on the street look for evidence of an overflow, such as in a gutter or around a manhole.

Call 13 2762 to report sewage smell and any indication of an overflow or blockage.

What happens when I report a fault?

My water meter is damaged, stolen or leaking

If your meter has gone missing, is damaged or is leaking, please call 13 2762 to discuss how quickly it can be fixed or replaced.

Leaking water meter

If the leak is on the street-side of the meter (or the location of the leak is not clear), please call us on 13 2762. We will ask you some questions to help pinpoint the location and we may organise for our crew to come and check it.

Damaged or stolen meter

If your water meter is missing or damaged, it’s important that you get in touch with us as soon as possible.

What to do if my meter has gone missing

Where would my meter be located on my property?

My water pressure has changed

There can be a couple of causes for fluctuations in your water pressure.

Check to see if there are any current works or reported bursts in your area. Sometimes planned or emergency works can affect your water pressure. 

Search works in your area

Check the map for reported bursts and leaks

If there are no works or reported leaks, there could be a burst in the area that has not yet been detected. Please call 13 2762 anytime of the day or night.

Find out more about water pressure

I can't turn off my water

If you are unable to turn the stop tap to the close position (clockwise), try turning it anticlockwise first to break the seal, then back clockwise to the closed position.

If you still can't turn the water off, call us on 13 2762 and we'll assess the severity of the problem. If it is an emergency, we will endeavour to get a team to your property within two hours.

I saw a sign that said there was a sewer spill 

Blockages or heavy rain can sometimes make the sewer network overflow. When this happens there’s a risk of sewage spilling into public spaces, entering drains, or waterways. 

While we investigate or clean a spill, we’ll display a sign in the local area and directly contact customers who may be impacted.  

We always prioritise sewer spills when they happen, and they’re usually cleaned up within an hour of our crews arriving.  Once we’ve finished cleaning up, we’ll remove our signage.



How is a sewer spill cleaned up? 

We’ll clean the area by washing down and disinfecting hard surfaces, like footpaths and roads.  

If a spill happens on soil or grass areas, we’ll remove and replace them. If practical, we’ll also remove and replace contaminated water with fresh water. 

What happens if a spill enters a waterway, such as a lake? 

If a spill has entered a waterway, we’ll display our sewer spill signs in high foot-traffic areas and do ongoing water quality testing. We’ll only remove our sewer spill signs once we’ve completed our clean up and the water has returned to normal. 


Why weren’t there more signs for such a big area?

With large areas such as parks, we’ll put our signs in high-foot traffic areas, that are easy to access and see. This is typically with other signs, such as conditions or rules of entry.


I already swam in the water, what does this mean? 

As soon as possible, we recommend thoroughly washing yourself, clothes or any belongings that have come into contact with the water.


I feel sick after drinking/touching the water, what do I do? 

If you start to feel unwell, we recommend seeing your GP as soon as possible. 


My pet swam/drank the water, what do I do? 

Keep an eye on your pet, and if you suspect your pet has become sick, we recommend taking them to a vet as soon as possible.