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WaterSmart Program

The WaterSmart Program is designed to assist our non-residential customers and local councils enhance their water efficiency through comprehensive digital water monitoring and audits.

Who Can Benefit

Yarra Valley Water are partnering with Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (DEECA) to support our non-residential customers in understanding their water use, identify efficiency options across their business and make educated decisions around their water usage.

This initiative targets industries providing vital services to our community with the potential for substantial water conservation. These include hospitals, councils, aged care facilities, and select large industrial sites.

What does the funding cover?

Participants in the program receive either a water efficiency audit for their premises or three years of water use monitoring through data loggers. 

Water efficiency audits provide organisations with in-depth insights into their water usage patterns, pinpoint areas of high consumption, and offer recommendations for optimising water usage. By implementing suggested measures, businesses can not only conserve water but also reduce their water expenses. 

The audit process encompasses a comprehensive evaluation of water-related practices within a business, identifying opportunities for upgrades in equipment and fixtures, as well as adjustments in water usage behaviours.

Data loggers offer enhanced visibility of water usage, allowing customers to better understand their water consumption and detect leaks or wastage early on. 

Data loggers are attached to the water meters and record data in 15-minute increments which is then recorded and accessible for a customer portal through VicFacilities. This portal has standard reporting options available as well as the option to customise the data to suit the customers sustainability needs.

These proactive steps can contribute significantly to conserving water resources and mitigating the financial impact of inefficient water usage on our customers.

Need more information or have a question?

The WaterSmart program is funded by the Victorian Government and administered by water corporations to support sustainable water management practices across various sectors.

To learn more about eligibility criteria* and explore recent success stories, please reach out to your Business Relationship Manager at [email protected] or visit the WaterSmart Program Information page.

*Additional eligibility requirements may apply.