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Prepare for summer

Melbourne is expecting a hot, dry summer, with high temperatures and low rainfall. These essential tips will help you prepare for what's ahead.

Bushfire season

A hot and dry summer brings the risk of bushfires, and it pays to be prepared.

Find out what to do before, during, and after a bushfire to protect yourself, your loved ones and the community.

Prepare for bushfire season

Leaks and bursts

Hot, dry weather can play havoc with our water pipes.

When Melbourne’s clay soil dries out, it can crack and that can cause more pipe bursts and leaks. We work to repair the biggest leaks first, before getting to the smaller leaks.

If you spot a leak or burst, check our faults map to see if it's been reported. If not, you can report a fault online or send a photo using the Snap Send Solve app.

Report a fault online

What happens when I report a fault?

Saving water in summer

With lots of people using water and less rain predicted, using water wisely has never been more vital.

Prepare for a water-wise summer with these simple water-saving tips for your house and garden.

Read our water-saving tips

Beat the heat

Hot weather can increase your risk of being dehydrated, or getting heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Keep yourself and the environment safe and healthy by hydrating the sustainable way and drinking tap water.

Find out more about 'Choose Tap' and where you can refill your water bottle on the go.

Visit Choose Tap and our Tap Finder