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The Authority Works Team

The Authority Works team works collaboratively with external authorities undertaking projects within the Yarra Valley Water service area. We help external authorities understand the impacts to existing Yarra Valley Water's assets and work with the authority and their contractor to ensure that the community continue to receive at a minimum the same level of service as they currently do. This is typically done by either implementing protection measures for our impacted services or relocating the services.

Our typical customers include councils, other utility providers, and government entities (e.g. level crossing removals), etc.

How to contact us:

Email – [email protected]      Phone – 9872 1205


Step 1: Please email or call the Authority Works team with the following information:

  • The authority you represent
  • The location of the works
  • Overview of the works
  • Best contact going forward

Step 2: The Authority Works team will reach out to you within 10 business days with further information.

Step 3:  The authority and Yarra Valley Water will enter into an agreement that will outline the scope of the impact to Yarra Valley Water's assets and an estimate of any costs.

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