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Why is my water use high?

There are many reasons why your water use may increase and decrease throughout the year.

Leaks, the number of people living in your home, the condition of your appliances, the season and the use of automatic watering systems can all affect how much water is used throughout your home. 

There are some things you can do to check or monitor your property's water use:

Use a log sheet to monitor water use

Tracking your water use with a log sheet can help determine the amount of water used in your home. 

Download water use log sheet

Simply fill in which activities apply to you and how often per you perform them.

  • In order to monitor the amount of water used for each activity, note down your water meter reading before you complete the activity, then note down your meter reading immediately after.
  • The difference between the two readings is how many litres of water are used per activity.
  • Multiply this result with the number of times a week you do each activity. This will determine your total amount of water used each week.

Working towards T150

On average, household water consumption in Winter is 395 litres per day and 500 litres per day in Summer. We use on average 1.3 litres of water every time we use a tap and, on average, 1000 litres of water is used every hour you water your garden.

You can track your water consumption by looking for the average daily water use information on your Yarra Valley Water bill and see how it compares with the daily target of 150 litres per person. Target 150 is a goal for us all to work towards and a reminder of how we can help reduce water waste.  Find out more about T150

Water Watchers

You may have heard...the Water Watchers have landed!

The Water Watchers are a squad of crusaders who were forced to flee their home planet after it was drained of all its water. After light years of travel, they landed on Earth with a mission to watch over the planet’s precious water supply and remind Earthlings to turn their off taps.

The Water Watchers are gentle and fun reminders for you and your squad – they're not timers.

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