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Our Customer Research

At Yarra Valley Water we conduct regular customer research to directly understand how our customers feel about us and our services.

We're committed to understanding the experience of our customers so we can continue to improve our services.

To help us achieve this goal, throughout the year we offer customers the chance to provide their feedback through a number of surveys and usability testing.

Your participation in our customer research is highly valued but not compulsory. Our research programs are a great way to shape future services and customer solutions. We're always looking to speak with customers interested in shaping the future with us. 

Customer Insights Surveys

Our two largest customer insights surveys are the Service Evaluation Study and the Brand Monitor Study. These studies are always voluntary and confidential. They are also completed by external market research agencies to make sure we obtain an independent view of our performance. 

So you can feel confident this research is really coming from us, should you get an invitation, we've listed details of each survey below:

 You may be contacted directly via phone or email from the research agency.
StudyFrequencyWho we'll contactWhy we do itPartner 
Service Evaluation StudyMonthlyCustomers who have interacted with us in the previous month (e.g. a customer who spoke to our Customer Care Team, had water or sewerage works or repairs or visited our website).To make sure our customers are happy with every service provided or interaction with us. We take feedback seriously and work with the teams involved to keep our customer satisfaction above industry standard.  Micromex
Micromex logo
Brand MonitorEvery 3 monthsAny customer who receives a bill. We aim to speak to around 300 Residential customers and 100 Business customers per study.To understand how our customers feel about important matters like value for money, trust and water quality. We're always looking for new ways to improve customer satisfaction and take actions to improve how we interact with our customers.Painted Dog 
Painted Dog Research logo

For more information about our Customer Insights Surveys you can email us at [email protected] or call us on 9872 2433.

Design Research & Usability Testing

In addition to larger surveys and research studies, we're focused on building the right solutions in partnership with customers. We do this through design research and usability testing to get first-hand feedback and insights from our customers for upcoming projects.

For this research we may speak to a small group of customers about specific topics or conduct an online survey. This gives our customers a chance to be one of the first to trial new services and have a direct impact with how we deliver them.

These conversations may happen online, over the phone, or in-person at our office in Mitcham.

Our internal teams across different projects (see current project list below) may reach out to you directly via email for participation in ongoing customer trials when we think you can help us. Also, when you interact with us through any of our services we may ask you to opt in to participate in these types of projects.

Current Research Projects

- MyAccount customer trial 

- Development Services System Upgrade

- Digital Metering Joint Program 

Our research partners

Sometimes the invitations for this type of research may come through our well-known design research partners shown below. You’ll be requested to create a profile with them but your information will only be used during the research you’ve previously agreed to with us. You can trust your data is safe and that your input is confidential. 


Red and white Askable logo.

User Testing

Blue and white User Testing logo.

For more information about our projects for Design Research & Usability Testing, visit:

MyAccount customer trial 

- Development Services System Upgrade

- Digital Metering Joint Program