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Fees and charges

The application fee and contract fee will be based on your risk ranking classification.

Please contact the Trade Waste team to discuss your business risk ranking on
03 9872 1240, Monday to Friday between 8am and 5pm.

Read the full list of fees and charges.

Applicable fees and charges

Application fee

New trade waste customers and existing customers wishing to renew their agreement, pay an application fee that contributes to the cost of assessing the impact of the trade waste discharge on the sewerage transfer and treatment systems.

The application fee is based on your risk ranking.

Application fee for Trade Waste Agreements (2021-22)

Application fee for Trade Waste Agreements (2016-17)
Maximum daily discharge Charge
Risk Rank 1 $4,076.60
Risk Rank 2 $1,319.36
Risk Rank 3 $737.77
Risk Rank 4 $125.82
Risk Rank 5 $63.99
Contract fee

All trade waste customers pay an annual fee to cover the operational costs incurred in the regulation, maintenance and consultation of trade waste customers. Customers are subject to a stepped fee based on their risk ranking, with highest risk customers paying the highest fees.

The Trade Waste contract fee for 2021-22 is as follows:

Trade Waste Contract Fee for 2016/17
Contract fee (per annum) Charge
Risk Rank 1 $17,486.03
Risk Rank 2 $15,495.97
Risk Rank 3 $5,828.26
Risk Rank 4 $1,747.78
Risk Rank 5 $582.06
Administering non-compliance fee

A non-compliance process is implemented in instances where trade waste dischargers do not comply with their legal requirements either under the relevant legislation (Water Act 1989 and Water (Trade Waste) Regulations 2014) or the requirements contained within their trade waste agreement or consent.

This may range from (but not be limited to) sample non-compliance, where the trade waste discharge is adjudged not to comply with the conditions stipulated in the agreement or consent, to a customer not providing meter readings, sample results or maintenance or calibration certificates at the required frequency.

Yarra Valley Water will charge the non-compliant customer a fee to cover our costs in negotiating and managing the non-compliance.

Discharge fee

Discharge fees cover the cost of treating the discharge and depend on the volume of trade waste (measured in kilolitres) and the mass of the pollutants contained within the waste (measured in kilograms).

Category B Trade Waste Customers are not subject to discharge fees.

Trade Waste Discharge Fees for 2021-22

Trade Waste Discharge Fees 2016-17
Discharge fee items Charge
Volume ($/kilolitre) $0.9839
Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) ($/kg) $0.8502
Suspended solids (SS) ($/kg) $0.5003
Total kjeldahl nitrogen (TKN) ($/kg) $1.4223
Inorganic total dissolved solids (ITDS) ($/kg) $0.0353


For assistance with trade waste in your business, please contact the Trade Waste Team on 03 9872 1240 Monday to Friday between 8am and 5pm, or email [email protected]

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