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waste to energy plant powering the city

Waste to Energy

Climate change and Melbourne’s growing population are placing strain on finite resources like water and energy. It is important that we plan for and adapt to this changing environment. We are building waste to energy facilities that process commercial food waste into clean, renewable energy. Turning food waste into energy helps to reduce landfill and cut greenhouse gas emissions, while reducing our energy costs helps us to keep water bills lower.

How waste to energy works

Turning food waste into energy

Commercial food waste is transported to the site in trucks, and then fed into a sealed tank called a ‘digester’.

Bacteria in the digester causes the waste to break down. As the waste breaks down, it generates biogas, which is mostly methane (the same gas used in the natural gas network). The biogas is cleaned to remove odours and impurities.

The biogas is sent as fuel to a generator to produce electricity. The electricity can be used locally on site or sent to the electricity grid.

Our Wollert plant

A tried and true method

Our first waste to energy facility in Wollert, in the north of Melbourne, has been operating since May 2017.

Commercial food waste producers, such as markets or food manufacturers, deliver 33,000 tonnes of food waste to the Wollert facility each year. The facility can produce around 22,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per day, the equivalent power demand of around 1,300 homes.

The waste to energy facility sits next to our Aurora sewage treatment plant. The electricity generated powers both the facility itself and the sewage treatment plant. A significant amount of excess energy is exported to the electricity grid.

More about our Wollert plant

Watch this space - more to come

Servicing a greater area

Our waste to energy facility has been highly successful and delivered great outcomes for business and community.

Stay tuned for new announcements about our future waste to energy activities.


ReWaste and your business

ReWaste manages waste supply to our Wollert facility. Waste deliveries are accepted from approved suppliers from Monday to Friday.

To find out more information about becoming a business partner and supplying waste to ReWaste

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