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Business Customer Charter (summary)

This Charter has been developed to clearly state our customer service commitments to you and inform you of your rights as a Yarra Valley Water customer.

Who is Yarra Valley Water?

Yarra Valley Water provides water and sewerage services to over 1.9 million people living and working in Melbourne’s northern and eastern suburbs. Our purpose is to provide water and sewerage services that contribute to the health and wellbeing of current and future generations.

We maintain and operate over 19,000 kilometres of water and sewer mains, 46 water supply tanks and ten sewage treatment plants. We purchase our water from Melbourne Water, which also operates the major sewage treatment works that service Melbourne.

We are committed to providing you with the highest quality water and sewerage services as well as offering responsive customer support. We are also dedicated to ensuring our services are delivered in a way that has minimal effect on the environment.

We have produced this Business Charter Summary specifically for business customers.

Our commitment to you

As a valued Yarra Valley Water customer, your satisfaction with our services is important to us. This summary Customer Charter outlines your rights and our obligations based on the Customer Service Code issued by the Essential Services Commission (ESC).

The ESC is the economic regulator of the Victorian water industry and their responsibility is to protect the interests

of water and sewerage customers. This Charter also incorporates feedback from customers about what matters the most to them when it comes to their water and sewerage services. We engaged extensively with customers as part of our five year planning process for 2018-2023 (every five years we are required to propose the prices we will charge and our service standards to the ESC). This has helped us identify what customers prefer and value the most and has led to the creation of seven service outcomes based on what customers expect and value.

Customers expect:

  • Water that is safe to drink.
  • Water and sewerage services they can rely on.
  • Fast response and effective restoration of their service when it is interrupted.

Customers value:

  • Support for customers having difficulty paying their bill.
  • Modern, flexible services and advice that suits their needs.
  • Saving water now so it’s available in the future.
  • Looking after the environment.

We are committed to achieving these targets and if we don’t meet a target, we will reduce prices to customers in the following year, by $1.5 million for each target not achieved.

A Community Advisory Group, which includes business customer representation, contributed to the development of our Customer Charter. Any changes require the approval of the ESC.

A copy of our entire Customer Charter is available at yvw.com.au/charters or by contacting us on 1300 304 688.

Our water supply and sewerage service commitments to you

As a business customer you can expect:

  • a drinking water supply that meets regulatory health requirements established by the Department of Health and Human Services and is safe, clear and free from objectionable tastes and odours.
  • a water flow rate that meets minimum service standards as set out below:

Diameter of the property service pipe (millimetres)







Minimum flow rate (litres per minute)







  • A flow rate of at least two litres per minute at the tap nearest to the meter if your water supply is restricted. If the restriction will cause a health hazard contact us on 13 2762.
  • Water supply and sewerage services that are not interrupted more twice a year for either water or sewerage services due to unplanned events.
  • One week’s written notice of any planned interruptions to our services (including when they will occur and for how long). We will liaise with you, where possible, to agree to the most convenient timing for that interruption.
  • Planned interruptions will take no longer than five hours.
  • Unplanned interruptions will be restored within four hours of notification.
  • That where a burst water main threatens substantial or moderate property or environmental damage, we will attend the site as soon as we can after being notified.
  • Interruptions to your sewerage service will be assessed and contained within four hours of notification. If a sewage spill occurs inside your premises, we will assess and contain the spill within one hour.
  • Flow rates are determined on a case by case basis for property service pipes greater than 50mm.
Trade waste

As part of your business activities you may generate industrial liquid waste (known as trade waste).

This may contain substances such as chemicals, fats or detergents, or it may be liquid food waste. You may discharge this waste into our sewers only if you have a Trade Waste Agreement with us, or otherwise have our consent. We will accept trade waste only where there is no danger to people, the environment or the sewerage system. In the event of a dispute, you have the right to independent mediation. Further details about trade waste may be obtained by calling 1300 304 688 or by visiting yvw.com.au/tradewaste. Visit yvw.com.au/charters to download the Trade Waste Customer Charter.

Additional rights and obligations

As a business customer, you have rights to water supply for fire testing and fighting. Fire services are installed for fire service testing and may only be used for the purposes of fighting fires. If your business activity presents a backflow risk to our water supply system, we may require you to fit a suitable backflow prevention device at the outlet of the meter. A backflow prevention device prevents the reverse flow of water from a potentially polluted source into the drinking water supply system.

Our maintenance responsibilities

Yarra Valley Water is committed to delivering high standards of service.

Water supply and sewerage services

Yarra Valley Water is responsible for maintaining:

  • The property water meter, pipes and fittings from our water main to the water meter on your property.
  • The water service to the property boundary if the meter is more than two metres inside the property boundary.
  • The sewer and its branches up to the property connection point or a maximum of one metre from the sewer main (whichever is shorter).
  • Up to the first stop valve or tap inside the property boundary when there is no meter.

In the case of an Owners Corporation or central body of a business site, we are responsible for maintaining:

  • The water service up to and including the main property meter which is usually located at the property boundary.
  • The water service to the property boundary if the meter is more than two metres inside the property boundary.
  • Up to the first accessible stop valve from the water main if the meter is located in a structure or building.

You and/or the Owners Corporation are required to maintain any pipe work on your side of the property water meter, at your cost. We will maintain the property meters and individual meters that are installed.

If the property has a private fire service, Yarra Valley Water is responsible for maintaining up to the stop valve at the main. Property owners are responsible for the private fire service.

Private water mains

We are not responsible for maintaining any shared or single service private water mains, also known as trunk services. We will maintain individual water meters where they are installed.

Your account

Your quarterly account will generally include two types of charges. The first are fixed water supply system and sewerage system charges, and the second are volumetric charges relating to water usage and sewage disposal, based on meter readings taken four times a year.

If you use high volumes of water you may be billed monthly for services and usage charges. We collect trade waste charges from customers who have an agreement with us and fire service charges where applicable.

We also collect charges on behalf of Parks Victoria for Parks services and Melbourne Water for waterways and drainage from customers who own a property within Melbourne Water’s Waterways Management District.

For an Owners Corporation or central body of a business site, we will bill you for usage charges relating to common land and facilities, e.g. a common grounds sprinkler system. We may also bill you for usage charges for businesses forming part of your site that are not individually metered.

As per the Water Act 1989, owners of commercial properties are financially responsible for all water and sewerage charges incurred at the property. Commercial property owners can recover all usage and water and sewerage system charges from tenants and will need to have an agreement with tenants for paying these charges. Any tenant responsibilities or payment arrangements contained within a commercial lease agreement are a private agreement between the parties. If you have any queries please contact us on 1300 304 688 or via email at [email protected].

If we inadvertently overcharge you, we will either give you a credit on your next bill or offer you a refund. If we undercharge you, we will discuss any necessary adjustments and tailor a repayment plan to suit.

If you are having trouble paying your account, we can support you with a flexible payment arrangement to suit your business. Call us on 1300 304 688 for more information.

A rebate on water and sewerage charges and fire service charges is available for not-for-profit organisations throughout Victoria, which serve their community in the fields of:

  • education
  • hospitals or nursing care
  • religious worship
  • charitable organisations
  • outdoor sporting or recreation activities
  • war veterans’ organisations.

To apply for a rebate, please call our Customer Contact Centre on 1300 304 688. All applications are submitted to the State Revenue Office for approval.

Paying your account

We request that you pay your account by the date shown on your account. This will be at least 14 days after the date of issue. Yarra Valley Water provides several payment options which are outlined on the bill.

Payment methods include:

  • Direct debit.
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
  • BPAY.
  • Credit card – online at yvw.com.au/paying, via your online account at yvw.com.au/online or by phone on 1300 362 332.
  • Cheque - mail to GPO Box 2860, Melbourne VIC 3001.
  • In person at any post office, phone 13 1816 or go to postbillpay.com.au.

For the latest payment methods, please refer to your account, visit yvw.com.au/paying or call 1300 304 688.


We recognise that your privacy is of great importance and are committed to ensuring your personal information is protected.

We collect personal information for the purpose of providing water and sewerage related services. We must keep your personal information confidential and comply with binding privacy laws such as the Information Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014. To view our Privacy Policy visit yvw.com.au/privacy.

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