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Supplier Code of Practice

Our supply chain is critical to how we deliver our services and achieve our goals, and our relationships with suppliers provide opportunities to influence positive change. We care about how our suppliers do business.

Our purpose as an organisation is to provide exemplary water and sanitation services that contribute to the health and wellbeing of current and future generations. This is an enduring and holistic commitment to people, planet and prosperity – to a sustainable future. We are a signatory to the UN Global Compact, and have committed to advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which set out a global roadmap for a sustainable future.

SDG12 logoOne of the ways we can make a difference is through the goods and services that we purchase – for Yarra Valley Water to be a truly sustainable organisation, we must also embed sustainability within our supply chain. This is a specific SDG target.

We are examining where we can unlock the social and environmental value in our procurement activities, beyond the value of the specific goods or services so that we can maximise our positive impact.

Supplier Code of Practice

We want to ensure that our suppliers share our organisational values. They include a commitment to high environmental standards, promoting reconciliation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and gender equality, and responding to the societal problem of family violence. It also covers organisational culture, workforce wellbeing and inclusive practice and engaging with your own supply chains on these areas. Business integrity is non-negotiable.

The Supplier Code of Practice is part of a collective response with our Victorian water industry colleagues to promote diversity and inclusion in our supply chain activities and support opportunities for economic inclusion.

It outlines our minimum requirements and aspirational expectations. We use it within tender assessments for larger value work, and require our key suppliers to undertake an annual self-assessment against the areas within the Code of Practice. It is not a compliance tool – we use it to work constructively with companies and provides an opportunity to recognise and incentivise strong performance.

Download our Supplier Code of Practice (1.06 MB)

In all areas, we encourage suppliers to share their approach and learnings, recognising that we can achieve more by working and learning together.


Through our Reconciliation Action Plan, we are committed to support opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander-owned businesses. This delivers tremendous social value, driving change for families and broader community through economic empowerment.

We are also keen to work with our suppliers who have a Reconciliation Action Plan or similar plans of action, and support each other’s RAP commitments in areas such as employment and procurement.

Family Violence

In 2017 we strengthened the support we provide to customers and staff experiencing family violence. This includes company-wide awareness training for staff and introducing access to paid family violence leave, in line with the Victorian public sector.

We want to work with suppliers to better equip them to support those experiencing family violence so that we can collectively tackle this widespread community issue. This includes within their own organisations for their employees, and also ensuring we provide the best support to our customers.

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