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Our tendering processes are designed to promote probity and ethics in decision making surrounding our procurement practices.


The objectives of our tendering processes are to:

  • provide a system that is flexible enough to procure in a timely manner the diverse range of goods, works and services required by us 
  • maintain impartiality in selecting the successful contractors and suppliers 
  • ensure that goods, works and services obtained by us are of appropriate quality and are obtained utilising the principles of best value for money.

Tenders and offers

Yarra Valley Water Request for Tenders  documents can be downloaded from Yarra Valley Water’s page on eProcure.

Visit eProcure

Queries can be directed to the Yarra Valley Water contact person nominated in the documents.

Tendering policies and practices


  • YVW advertises all its public tenders via eProcure.

Closing times and lodgement

  • Request for Tenders documents must be downloaded from eProcure, Yarra Valley Water's electronic tender box.
  • Tenders must be lodged electronically through the Yarra Valley Water’s Tender Box in eProcure.
  • Tenders will not be accepted if delivered by phone, fax or email.
  • It is not possible for tenders to be uploaded in eProcure after the closing day and time. Once lodged in eProcure, tenders can’t be accessed by anyone before the  closing day and closing time. 
  • Tenderers must allow plenty of time to upload their tenders before the closing time, as late submissions will not be accepted.

Conditions of tendering

The tender must comply in all respects with the conditions of tendering forming part of the tender or offer documents.