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Assessing a fault

When you report a fault, we will give you an indication of when we will respond to the problem.

All faults are logged in our central system and prioritised according to severity, location and the number of people directly or indirectly impacted.

In some cases, we will need to send an assessor to the location to determine the severity and plan repairs. When this happens, the assessor may mark the area with a stake or tape to indicate we'll be returning to fix it.

The assessor may 'throttle down' or reduce the pressure in the water main, to reduce water loss or minimise property damage.  This is done to maintain your water supply, but you may experience a loss of water pressure.

The time it takes to resolve a problem can vary - especially during the summer months. We do appreciate your patience as we attend to faults according to their priority.

Here is a guide to standard response and rectification times for common faults.

For major faults, we will respond within 1-2 hours of the fault being reported to us.  This includes issues like:

  • A major burst resulting in excessive water loss, safety hazards, extensive property damage or major traffic disruption on main arterials.
  • A report of sewage spilling inside a building  when there is no indication of an internal plumbing issue.
  • Reports of sewage spills into drains, creeks or waterways.
  • Loss of water supply to premises when there are no Yarra Valley Water works in the area and the meter tap is turned on correctly.
  • Reports of blocked sewer pipes.

We aim to finish repairs to these types of faults within one to two days. Sometimes this isn’t possible if the repair is complex.  We will ensure your water and sewerage services are restored, sometimes by running a temporary water service line, bypassing sewer pumping, while we plan and complete repairs.

For other faults reported to us, we aim to inspect the issue within seven hours. Sometimes when we have an increase in major issues in our network, it may take us longer to respond. These faults include:

  • Consistent wet patch or trickle that would be the equivalent to your tap running gently.
  • Minor leaks from the water meter, hydrants or other assets.
  • Replacement of faulty taps at the water meter (known as a stop tap).

We aim to resolve these faults within five days. Sometimes it can take longer, particularly if it is difficult to identify the source of the water leak, or when the problem involves third-party assets, such as Council stormwater pipes.