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Free Leak Checks

As part of our Digital Water Meter Trial in Vermont South we are offering a free leak check to properties that have been identified as possibly having a leak.

The leak check is completed by a qualified plumber, and includes looking for the possible leak at your property, and completing any minor repairs if a leak is found. More significant repairs or undiscovered leaks would be referred to a specialist plumbing service, and using their service would be at your own cost.

Our plumbing partner, New Plumbing Solutions, will inspect the following:

Outdoor Indoor Appliances
Stop tap Toilets Dishwasher
Garden tap Showerheads Washing machine
Garden watering system (automatic timer) Kitchen taps / pipework

Evaporative cooler

Swimming pool / spa / pond (auto fill) Laundry taps / pipework  
Water tank Bathroom taps  
External pipes    
Hot water unit (solar)    
Solar panels    

If you have any questions about the free leak check, please contact Yarra Valley Water's Digital Metering team directly on 8692 6191.

Find out more about the Digital Water Meter Trial.