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My Account customer trial

Updated November 2023 - New features released

We’re developing a new online customer account system called My Account.  

If you’re a customer who pays their bills using Yarra Valley Online Water, you may have received an invitation to trial the first release of My Account.  

This is an opportunity to:  

  • Get early access to our new My Account customer system and experience its features.  
  • Provide personal feedback about what you liked and how we can improve your My Account experience.  
  • Help shape the development of My Account to suit your needs and the needs of other customers.  

We're dedicated to providing a convenient, secure and easy-to-use system. The best way to know if we're on the right track is by asking our customers to try it and provide feedback.  

How do I know if I’ve been invited?   

We've emailed an early access invitation to a small number of customers to join the My Account trial. The invitation was sent to email addresses registered with Yarra Valley Online Water.

We'll notify you as we continue to add features to My Account and more customers will be invited to join the trial.

Your participation in this trial is highly valued by us but not compulsory. Your current Yarra Valley Online Water Account will continue to be available to you, whether or not you decide to participate in this trial.

Let us know your feedback 

When you log into My Account, you can easily give us your feedback by clicking on the 'Feedback' button that appears onscreen. Leave a comment about your what you liked and how you think we can improve the My Account system.

Support and enquiries 

If you need support or have questions about your participation in the My Account trial, please contact our friendly team at [email protected].

We look forward to learning about your experiences in My Account.